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Belladonna Wishes - Week 1 - Ramaswami

The original sim bin family Ramaswami is known to all simmers, but I never played them before

0863 Ramaswami

Sanjay Ramaswami, Popularity
Priya Ramaswami, Popularity

0864 Sanjay
0865 Priya

Both Sanjay and Priya are Popularity sims, but Sanjay also wants a baby. Lets’ lock that wish – it should happen during the first week of a newly-wed couple’s life together.

0866 Interact
0867 Interact
0868 Interact

The first day’s first wishes they get in by interacting with each other, even before they enter their new apartment!

0869 Charisma
0870 Shopping

And then Sanjay takes a session at the mirror to get the Charisma up, while Priya does some shopping

0871 Charisma

Tueday Priya wants Charisma for her job in Journalism

0872 Kids

And Sanjay spends some time with the Nyman kids

0873 Party
0874 Party

They arrange a party, and it’s a great one!

0875 Invite

Priya invites a guy over who she wants to be friends with

0876 Success

And she succeeds.

0877 Skill
0878 Dance
0879 BF

There’s always a party going on in this apartment and both Priya and Sanjay enjoy them very much

0880 Chat

And if it’s too late to invite friends over, you can meet new ones over the internet

0881 Invite

Even if they both prefer to meet people IRL.

0882 Fired

Sanjay gets fired and didn’t have time to have lunch.

0883 Dies

And Sanjay drops down on the sidewalk, dead! Luckily, Priya arrives home too at that very moment.

0884 Resurrection
0885 Resurrection

She wins a game of ”which hand” with the grim reaper and Sanjay is brought back to life

0886 Visit

Life returns to normal. Priya visits the neighbours

0887 PArty
0888 PArty

And the couple throws yet another successful party.

0889 BAbytalk

Then Priya starts to talk about getting a baby. Sanjay doesn’t say anything, he has longed for a baby all week!

0890 New job

At least he’s able to get a new job in music, even if he has to wait for a baby

0891 Friend
0892 Chat

And Priya continues as usual, making friends and meeting new people

0893 PRegnant

However, it seems like she indeed IS pregnant!

0894 Miscarriage

Or rather was – she lost the baby!

0895 Party
0896 Party
0897 Friend

And once again it’s back to the usual schedule of having parties and making friends.

0899 BF
0900 PArty
0898 Hope

Sanjay too goes back to his usual schedule, but he still hopes he will be a father one day

0901 Score

It was a good score for Priya this week, but worse for Sanjay. He had a lot of big wishes of getting friends and high skill points. And he has the locked baby-want, which proved to be hardest of all!

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