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Belladonna Wishes - Week 1 - Pilrud

This is the Patel family in my English speaking friends’ games. They have been played before.

0783 Pilrud

Casper Pilrud, Popularity
Anna Pilrud, Family
Ann-Catrin Pilrud, child
Carl-Anton Pilrud, baby

0784 History

In earlier play sessions, the Pilruds had one daughter, Ann-Catrin, and one son, Carl-Anton (derived from the parents' initials). If they will have any more children they will be named according to the rules of this hood – they get the grandparents’ name. Anna became unemployed and Ann-Catrin learned couple counseling

0785 Carl-Anton

Anna is a real Family sim, doting on her baby.

0786 Maggan

The family also has a dog named Maggan.

0787 Party

Since Casper is a Popularity sim, there will probably be many more parties in this house after this one.

0788 Friends
0789 Dance

Casper has many small party wishes, and his friend Abbe helps him to fulfill them

0790 Chess

Ann-Catrin plays some chess with herself while waiting for Ida Bergros, who she invited to come over.

0791 Ida

She wishes to be best friends with Ida. Hope Ida will be willing to let that happen.

0792 Sofia

Ida’s sister Sofia is here too.

0793 Birthday

There’s a birthday party tonight!

0794 Rub

Then there’s a break in the party for a back rub. The birthday boy is left on the stairs

0795 Tickle
0796 Tickle
0797 Hug

Carl-Anton is soon back to the center of attention

0798 Cage

Casper wants a birdcage

0799 Chess

And Ann-Catrin goes back to the chess board

0800 Tickle
0801 Read

Carl-Anton gets his wishes in easily – he has small wishes of being tickled or hugged or read to

0802 Talk
0803 Anna

Anna gets her wishes by socializing

0804 Tuesday

Anna also wishes for a guinea pig and she buys one and names it Tuesday

0805 Cuddle

And Tuesday immediately gets attention

0806 Animal
0807 Chess
0808 Talk
0809 Play

Ann-Catrin gets her wishes by playing with her animals or parents or chess.

0810 Peek

Anna loves to play with her children!

0811 Talk

Ann-Catrin loves to play with her father

0812 Chess
0813 Comp

Or by herself, either by the chess board or the computer

0814 NoPriv

Carl-Anton, being a toddler, of course has no notion of privacy.

0815 Animal

Anna, being a Family sim, always has some time for the family pets!

0816 Phone

Ann-Catrin really feels she should get some friends outside of the family!

0817 Food

Anna serves comfort soup and eats it, getting two points in.

0818 Homework

Good sim kids get wishes in by doing their homework

0819 Pets
0820 Interact
0821 Interact

Interaction with pets and children are Anna’s ways of getting wishes fulfilled

0822 Chess

Casper plays chess for his own wishes

0823 CA

And tickles Carl-Anton for his

0824 Death

Then Maggan, the terrier leaves for good. The family cries for a while, but not so long.

0825 Steal

And the evil nanny tries to get her salary before Anna gets inside the door, so there are no money until one minute later. Even so, she steals the family’s only chair!

0826 Kiss

But the Pilruds have nothing but love for each other

0827 HArd

Thursday Casper has very hard wishes, and he is sent to a community lot to shake them up, but it doesn’t help much!
To get BFs, BFFs and write novels are way too time consuming, and making friends can also take a while

0828 Birthday

Back home it’s Ann-Catrin’s birthday

0829 Ten
0830 Romance

She grows up well and chooses the Romance aspiration. The LTW was not noted

0831 Birthday
0832 Child

It’s Carl-Anton’s birthday too, and he as well grows up well and wishes for a kitten or a puppy.

0833 NEw

Ann-Catrin, now Romancer, meets new people through some chat room

0834 Kitten

Luckily for Carl-Anton, his mother wishes for a kitten, too, so one is adopted, even though the family funds are dwindling

0835 Cat

Alpha stays a kitten for about 6 hours, when she grows up to an adult cat.

0836 Hots

Ann-Catrin brings home a hot girl from school. Upon checking we find that she’s perfectly bisexual and seemingly has the hots for someone named Gilbert Rosdahl

0837 Date

As it turns out, the girl’s name is also Rosdahl. Tina Rosdahl. Maybe Gilbert is her father? Ann-Catrin doesn’t mind, but instead dates Tina, who is there and available.

0838 Interact

In the meantime, Anna and Carl-Anton are getting close

0839 Invite
0840 Chat

Casper’s favourite hobbies are to invite friends over, or to get to know new people over the internet

0841 Homework

Ann-Catrin is a good big sister and teaches Carl-Anton to study

0842 Kitten

Then it’s time for a new kitten

0843 Kiss
0844 Date
0845 Play

And a married date

0846 Date

Saturday it’s time for another date downtown between Ann-Catrin and Tina.

0847 Center

There, Ann-Catrin quickly becomes the center of attention

0848 Kitten

Carl-Anton becomes friends with the new kitten Brutus, and wants ANOTHER one

0849 Kitten

And his nice parents get him another one!

0850 Hapy

He’s happy, but wants a puppy too

0851 Play 2
0851 Play

At least he plays with the ones he’s got

0852 Date
0853 Date
0854 Date

The patterns repeat themselves. Anna and Casper date.

0855 Date

Ann-Catrin and Tina date

0855 Kittens

And Carl-Anton doesn’t give up – he wants ANOTHER kitten. Or a puppy. The SimGodess thinks he should wish to clean Tuesday's cage instead.

0856 No kitten

Since Anna too can imagine another kitten, she tries to adopt another one, but gets turned down due to that the family funds are down the drain again.

0857 no change
0858 Statue

So, the parents take Carl-Anton to the park to get his mind off of the kitten wants, but it doesn’t help. Even though the moving statue is funny.

0859 No change

When they come home again, Carl-Anton has not changed his mind.

0860 No change

And not after spending all evening sleeping either

0861 Delilah

So, late Sunday night, when the family has some money again, Ann-Catrin adopts Delilah, the kitten, who is still available in the pound. Sadly its’ too late for Carl-Anton to fulfill his wishes for Sunday.

0862 Score

It’s a quite decent score, but it took a lot of kitties and dating!

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