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Belladonna Wishes - Week 1 - Picaso

The Picasos are well known to all simmers

0740 Picaso

Jessica Picaso, Family
Mats Picaso, Popularity

0741 Talk
0742 Tickle

Jessica nad Mats live in the same building as the Nymans. They get their first wishes from each other,

0743 Babywish

Jessica is a family sim and of course wishes for a baby. She also wants to become friends with Greta Nyman.

0744 Cook

Since she’s family she likes to cook.

0745 Chess
0746 Chess
0747 Chess

Mats likes to play chess…

0748 Pop

Pop! Baby ahoy!

0749 Friend

Mats brings home friends from work

0750 Clean

And he’s forced to clean

0751 Party

The flat needs to be clean since there’ll be a party tonight

0752 Pillow

A pillow fighting party

0753 Rub
0754 Skill

0755 Kiss
0756 Flirt

Jessica gets her points from interaction with Mats mostly

0758 Garde

There’s a hot tub area behind the building, and there the residents hang out a lot.

0759 Rub

Jessica still wants to be friends with Greta, but she is not very interested. Jessica tries to visit Greta and call her and talk to her in the yard, but nothing helps. Luckily she has other wishes that Mats can help her fulfill

0760 Play
0761 Dance

Mats continues to spend time with his workmate and nowadays friend Calle.

0762 Baby

And here comes baby!

0763 Jessica

It’s a girl with her father’s colours, and she gets the name Jessica after her mother of course

0764 Pregnant

And immediately Jessica is pregnant again

0765 Party

Another day, another party for Mats.

0766 Dance

Calle is here again, dancing.

0767 Pillow

And pillow fighting

0768 Jessica

Jessica gets her wishes from Jessica Jr nowadays.

0769 Birthday
0770 Toddler

And now she’s growing up

0771 Tickle
0772 Talk

Family parents are easy when they have toddlers

0773 Pregnant


0774 Talk
0775 Potty
0776 Wish

Now when she has her daughter, Jessica has finally stopped wishing for Greta Nyman. Now there’s only wishes for little Jessica and the coming baby

0777 Skill

And an occasional skill point

0778 New

Mats wishes for three best friends and has to invite someone else than Calle.

0779 BF

Then he becomes best friends with little Jessica, but then he just changes his mind and wants five best friends.

0780 JEssica
0781 Jessica

Little Jessica is really the center of attention, and there is nothing else happening in this house anymore!

0782 score

Mats was pretty easy all week. Jessica became easier when little Jessica was born, but still pretty bad. Little Jessica had her wishes, except the day she grew up.

Tags: belladonna wishes, picaso

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