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Belladonna Wishes - Week 1 - Pettersson

Jessica Pettersson is an original playable sim residing in Belladonna Cove. She has been played before.

0718 Pettersson

Jessica Pettersson, Fortune

0719 History

In an earlier playsession, Jessica started a novel, a florist hobby and two parallel relationships.

0720 Food
0721 Money

Her first small wishes are to serve food and to make some money, and it is fulfilled.

0722 Glenn
0723 Dennis

She spends some time with her two boy friends

0724 Arne

And invites over the third. This relationship started at his house earlier this round. Somewhere along the line, Arne apparently cheated on Jessica, but she’s all over him anyway.

0725 Wish
0726 Arne
0727 Arne

She gets a lot of wishes from him

0728 Guitar
0729 Guitar

When she’s not spending time with her boyfriends, Jessica likes to play the guitar, which she bought when she sold off the flower bench.

0730 Promotion

And as many Fortune sims, she gets wishes in by going to work and by getting promotions

0731 Arne
0732 Christina

She spends time with Arne again, and also with her work mate Christina

0733 Glenn

And she fulfills a wish to go visit Glenn in his trailer.

0734 Guitar

Then it’s back to the guitar.

0735 Glenn

That visit to Glenn left Jessica wanting more of him

0736 More

And even more

0737 Conflict

She seems a bit conflicted, though, since she wishes to marry Arne when she’s dating Glenn.

0738 Woohoo

But at the end of the day, it’s Glenn she’s taking to her bed.

0739 Score
And we leave Jessica with a perfect score!

Tags: belladonna wishes, pettersson

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