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Belladonna Wishes - Week 1 - Ottomas

No presentation needed…

0643 Ottomas

Dora Ottomas, Family
Peter Ottomas, Romance
Samanta Ottomas, Family
David Ottomas, Popularity
Karina Ottomas, child
Tommy Ottomas, toddler

0644 No friends

For being such a known sim, Samanta has very few friends. None, to be exact. She’s not even friends with all her family!

0645 No friends

Peter, the Romancer, has a few people he met, but no more friends than his wife.

0646 Meeting

For a Popularity sim as David this is of course unacceptable, so he starts greeting every sim passing by

0647 No friends

Then Peter gets a wish in by losing his wife as a best friend??

0648 Kiss

At least he tries to win her back

0649 Tommy

Oh yeah, we have a toddler. Toddlers are hard.

0650 Lemonade

Children are usually easier

0651 Tommy
0652 Tommy
0653 Play

The children are doing good, though, even if it’s hard to get five wishes in

0654 Fired

Dora gets fired, but is Family happy anyway

0655 Potty

Tommy continues to get many wishes in

0656 Unfulfilled
0657 Skill

Peter needs a lot of skill points in his job, but also many friends, so he alters between socializing and skilling. The woohoo want has to wait. It’s Samanta who sleeps in her own stink in the background.

0658 Rope
0659 Peek

Dora is hard to fulfill wishes for. She only gets a couple a day, if any

0660 Play

The activity table is a perfect toy for toddlers and children. If you have room, get one!

0661 Play

They can play there for hours and even get a fun boost from cleaning it!

0662 Homework
0663 Play

Samanta gets wish points from helping David with his homework, and Karina from the activity table

0664 Flirt
0665 Flirt

Peter gets his from dating his wife. Now he’s on track to get that woohoo in!

0666 Phone
0667 Phone
0668 New

David takes the chance to go downtown to buy a phone and start getting friends

0669 BAby

Finally, early Wednesday morning it’s babytime

0670 Twins

It’s twins, as we know, and it’s boys. The first one gets named after his father and is now Peter Jr. The other is named after the family’s closest friend, Arne Cederborg (you may remember the fitness freak Arne from his own house)

0671 Yoga

Dora tries to get some own-time when the babies are sleeping, but soon they wake up all stinky and needy

0672 Nanny

It doesn’t even help to hire a nanny, since she’s busy talking to Peter Sr.

0673 David

David reaches the top of his Music career

0674 Points

Sometimes the wishpoints just roll in

0675 Birthday


0676 Tommy

Tommy becomes a child

0677 Family

And he has some work to do with the relations to his family

0678 Tommy

On the activity table he has already reached level 7 in Mechanics, thanks to his hard work as a toddler.

0679 Woohoo

Peter and Samanta finally find the time to fulfill their woohoo wish

0680 Lemonade
0681 Lemonade

The lemonade stand is put to good use all times of day and in all weathers. Here is Arne by the way, the one who our baby Arne is named for.

0682 Karina

Karina continues to get wishes in by the activity table. These kids will be mechanical gurus when they reach their teens.

0683 Peter

Peter has found a new hobby

0684 Samanta

Samanta gets her wishes mainly by interacting with her family. She wants another child, and she’s young enough so we lock it in. She’s not pregnant yet though, but actually went to work today

0685 Friend

Tommy seems to be a social kid and brings Niclas Djurström with him home from school

0686 Birthday

Then it’s time for the babies’ birthday. Oh, joy, more toddlers to fulfill wishes for!

0687 Snuggle

Peter starts immediately

0688 Dora

Dora found something else to do…

0689 Karina
0690 Karina

Another birthday! Karina becomes a teen.

0691 Phone
0692 Sofa

Guess what her aspiration is??

0693 Flirt

Before she heads home for a shower, she flirts with a married man

0694 Pleasure

I bet you guessed it – Karina became a Pleasure sim

0695 Clean

When my sims wish for a generic skill point, I force them to clean. It’s always needed, since my sims rarely wish for maids. I guess they are usually slobs and don’t care if it’s messy.

0696 Boys

Homework is a good wish boost. And, random thought – something has really happened with j68’s game – this family have four boys and one girl!

0697 Toddler
0698 Toddler
0699 Toddler
0700 Toddler
0701 Toddler

Toddler wishes fill the days

0702 Skill

In other news we have skilling

0703 Friends

Making friends

0704 Homework


0705 Death

And the death of Dora. The family hardly noticed.

0706 TV

The poor Pleasure sim Karina has to go downtown to watch TV, since the Ottomas family doesn’t have one.

0707 Computer

While there, she also uses the computer, since the one at home is always hogged by David.

0708 Toddler
0709 Toddler

The toddlers are not neglected, that’s for sure!

0710 Outing

David gets invited to an outing and ends up in a discussion on pollution with the cashier

0711 Arne
0712 Hug

No, the toddlers are not neglected, but the cleaning is. Yuck!

0713 Birthday

Birthday! And someone was forced to clean the counters.

0714 Arne

Meet Arne

0715 Peter

And Peter, both very Ottomas looking

0716 David

And last, but not least, we send David to Uni! So if there will ever be a week 2 in Belladonna Cove, we’ll have a new family there.

0717 Score

The score is pretty bad – a result of a big family. The sims are just too many to keep up with!

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