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Jinja Asylum - Amarcord, week 2

8 Monday

I managed to become best friends with Cabiria. I might have a chance to come closer than that soon...

6 AM. Nobody’s sleeping but me. I don’t know why they love to hang out in the hallway, but there they are again. Orfeu and Kolya at the chess table. Really, really good...

Orfeu is soon over the edge I think. So far no break-downs though, not from anyone.

Off work. Took the time to do some chores, cleaning, fixing, washing up...


 9 Tuesday

Working. Checking cameras at 7.01 PM.
Camera 1: Three sleeping, one in the shower
Camera 2: No one n the living room
Camera 3: Pelle cleaning (good!), Kolya eating. 

That’s six... One unaccounted for...

Aaah, Outside camera shows Cabiria, checking the mailbox in her lace underwear and high heel slippers. Yum!

Boss, could I go home now? No? OK.

At last I’m in a place where they appreciate my qualities! I was promoted already on the first day to Shift Manager at the fast food restaurant. The rest of the people of course is a bunch of idiots, but, as you know, I’ve got great experience in handling those!

I hugged Cabiria, just because I felt like it, and now she’s totally in love with me. Apparently she had a crush on me already before. Well, I can see why, I’m starting to look like a chef now. You know – never trust a skinny chef!


10 Wednesday

I’m very happy that the chess board is popular in this place. It keeps the inmates busy, and mostly, happy too. So far I really have had an easy journey, compared to poor Anastacia. At this time in her challenge, she already had five dead, I believe! *knock on wood*

Look at this! Nearly like a family dinner! Should have had a dinner table, is all. But, but, no can do, couldn’t afford to use seats for something so useless as a dinner table. We needed them at the TV and at the chess table.

A sexy woman cooking in her underwear. That just became too much for me. I must have her! I grabbed her and made out with her, before I could stop myself. Ah, Cabiria, my love, I wish this was over, so that we could leave this place together!

11 Thursday

Editor's note: Does this look like a Romance sim's wish panel?

Invited some neighbours, so that the inmates could meet some new people. No use. The guests were just left there along the wall, while the inmates minded their own business.

10.15 PM: Well, as long as that business involves skilling bars on all levels, I’m fine with that.

10.23 PM: Oh no! Mefisto! Lucky I was at home!

Another disaster avoided. Please learn to cook!


12 Friday

Working. Checking in at 7.04 PM, five sleeping, Babette and Pelle at the chess table. If we survive, these two will have maxed their logic skill by release time!


13 Saturday

The TV broke down! I really need to try to fix it, but I’m not sure I’m ready. Maybe I could keep it like that, Mefisto doesn’t seem to care.

By the way - That Gamer Lady came back and gave Babette a plaquette for his Gaming Enthusiasm. (The camera missed her.) He’s in platinum mood now! I’m really impressed, you could think he would be a knowledge sim spending so much time at the chess board, but I’m sure he’s not! Pleasure, I think, but not sure.

I’m working on my Logic Skills myself now. I was promoted to Host, and will start working daytime! That’s a new experience. Hope it will fit with the inmates rythm. On the other hand, I’m not as worried about them anymore, they are getting really good at cooking. Just an occasional fire now.

Why do I say things like that?! Went to work. Checking in at 12.27 PM. Already on Camera 1 I see the disaster!! We’re looking forward to a four hour fire here, this will be so, so ugly!

 I knew it was too good to last!

 Oh, Babette! Maybe you could have practised a little in the kitchen sometimes, too. Why didn’t I leave something out for them as I usually do? Why, why, why??!!

Pelle is going down in flames, and Orfeu, to the left has caught fire too. Tsotsi looks like she’s posing in the background. Ah, the agony!

Mr Reaper arrives, to claim the souls of Orfeu and Pelle. Babette and Mefisto look as they are up next.

At 3.29 PM the fire stopped by itself! I was amazed! Anyway, two dead, it’s not good at all. Tsotsi is still there, don’t worry, I just saw her tight little behind on the way to the shower.


 14 Sunday

Working again. Mefisto was resting when checking camera 1. Camera 2 was empty. Camera 3 shows Kolya, Babette and Tsotsi skilling. Where’s Cabiria?!

Maybe in the shower. Aahh... a newly showered Cabiria between cool sheets...

I still haven’t gotten that far I must admit. Especially now with this unfortunate fire, I haven’t had time to work with her.

The chaos at delivery times drives me crazy! The pizza girl and the grocery guy are running up and down the stairs, and we all run after them, until we drop. Like me, there to the right. In the meantime, Sidhune Kiboko is blocking everyone in the doorway. By the way, she gave me the flu!

And Cabiria is nearly starving to death here! Mefisto just stands there, as usual. Make yourself useful, man!

The last thing I saw, before passing out again after taking care of the deliveries, was Kolya in a fight with Grace Kiboko. I couldn’t make myself care. Sidhune Kiboko (are they related?) obviously thinks Grace is pathetic.


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