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Belladonna Wishes - Week 1 - Odelberg

Here we go with another Uni x3 sim J

0616 Odelberg

Desiree Odelberg, Knowledge (of course!)

0617 Sign

Desiree excelled in Uni and spent a lot of time pursuing her musical hobby, so she now wishes to get a plaque in Music&Dance

0618 Tabitha

The readers might recall Tabitha Olofsson, dormie, who had a nearly-no-fling with Emilie Lööv, next door neighbour

0619 Love

Desiree wastes no time falling in love with the lovely brunette!

0620 Job

But there are bills to pay, and an opening in the Science career, so Desiree jumps for it

0621 Friend

Then she spends some time with another friend from Uni. He is another playable and we’ll come to him later. His name is a secret at the moment though…

0622 Food
0623 Food
0624 Food
0626 Food

Besides music, Desiree likes cooking and eating food

0627 Promo
0628 Promo

She gets promoted up to Project Manager within a short period of time

0629 Study
0630 Study

She spends some time on her cowhide sofa, skilling up

0631 Talk
0632 Dance

And she spends some time with people

0633 Tabitha

Even with Tabitha!

0634 Friends
0635 Kuno
0636 Katja

But Tabitha has some competition. You could think Desiree would be a Popularity sim!

0637 Invite

Desiree invites Tabitha over

0638 Study

But then she leaves her to her own devices. Luckily Tabitha and Desiree both are independent women!

0639 Dance

The whole week is more or less the same, but come weekend, Desiree wishes to win a dancing competition and heads out to the hobby lot. Someone else wins the first competition

0640 Dance

And the second

0641 Dance

But the third round, which is a smustle, Desiree wins, and she summarizes her week as a good one. J68 couldn’t agree more!

0642 Score

A fabulous result for a Knowledge sim! Way to go Desiree!

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