July 11th, 2014

Belladonna Wishes - Week 1 - Ramirez

The Ramirez are a known Bluewater family, owning a furniture store, which no one was interested in all week.

0902 Ramirez w1

Checo Ramirez, Fortune
Lisa Ramirez, Knowledge
Tessa Ramirez, child

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0948 Score
Checo had a fantastic week, probably since it’s easy to get promoted the first steps. Tessa’s week was also very good, while Lisa had a normal Knowledge week. She got a LOT of skill points, but not enough for filling every day.


Belladonna Wishes - Week 1 - Rehnström

The Rehnström family consists of two friends living together. They have been played before

0949 Rehn w1

Abbe Rehnström, Romance
Alfie Westlinger, Fortune

0950 Histoty

The bachelors’ earlier life revolved around their girlfriends, and for Alfie around earning money.

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0996 Score
The score for the week is perfect, but since Emelie wasn’t here until Sunday, it doesn’t count as perfect. We’ll have to live with that J