November 9th, 2009

Modig - An ISBI-challenge - Generation 3

Generation 1 - Yvonne
Generation 2 - Johan

ISBI Generation 3 - The Malin Modig Era


Malin Modig is a Knowledge Virgo with 9 neat. Her LTW is to become Head of SCIA, so the first thing she does is to try to find such a job. But no luck.

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Next thing to do is to find a mate. The Gypsy comes in handy and brings Christoffer Hult, three-bolt bartender!

Three-bolters work fast! Malin gets her first kiss. She never had the opportunity as a teen.

Better get him to move in quickly. Since I lost all my notes on Malin's early years, I don't remember Christoffer's aspiration or how much money he brought in.

Malin eventually found her desired job and started the climb towards the top. She also tries to greet as many people as possible, to hopefully get them to interact with the family and become family friends

Then - the wedding in the beautiful birch tree patch in the garden. I think I forgot that this is Jinja and not Mattsmyra. Should have planted hibiscus bushes instead of birches.

Mikael continues his OCD behaviour with the outdoor baths. I long for the day when I can get rid of him.

Malin continues her career climb

And by the roll of a die, Christoffer chooses a job of Law Enforcement

And just in time, too. Malin is on Maternity leave starting NOW!

Knowledge Malin spends her maternity leave teching her Knowledge mother Christel some skills. They both enjoy it.

Malin gives birth to her first child in the garden, untypically enough. Most sims get born in the bathroom I believe.

It's a girl, and they name her Eva, just because.
I gave Mikael goofy clothes just because I don't like him.

No sooner is Eva born, before tragedy strikes. Christel starves to death! And that despite the fact that Malin keeps the fridge stocked at all times.

Malin frantically begs the Grim Reaper to spare her mother's life

but to no avail. Johan is devastated, and so is Malin

Then we have more happy times. It's Eva's birthday already!

And she is suitably toddler cute, and is a great comfort to her grand-father, it seems.

It's a good thing that Johan takes care of Eva, because Malin has a lot of things to do all the time - Gardening, earning her silver badge

Earning promotions

Training Christoffer's body skill (Malin is getting fat herself)

Life goes on in the ISBI house, until...

Finally, we can kick Mikael out. Between Malin's and his growing up, we have introduced Uni in Jinja, so off he goes, free as a bird.

And this is where he ends up, struck by lightning, needing professional help with his life - I couldn't stop laughing!! >:)
He will have a small supporting role later in the story, too, I played him a bit off-camera I admit.

The downside of ACR just became very obvious. Malin is taking her teenage friend Laban to the hottub at Eva’s birthday party. Eeeew!

Then on with the ordinary program of blowing out candles.

And Eva, like so many other sims, discovers her love for games. I must say that I think Eva is prettier than her mother Malin. Christoffer’s genes were obviously good for the Modig gene pool.

After her games session, Eva continues to dancing. It’s good for her, she’s gaining body points! Just hoping she’ll not miss the school bus...

In the evening the headmaster of the private school is arriving for dinner. He is suitably impressed, and Eva is admitted to private school.

The new school is good for Eva. Immediately after being admitted, her grades are improving to A+!

Christopher has got some secrets. Left to his own devices he cooks himself a Lobster Thermidor. Why were you working as a bartender?!

Malin is helping Eva with her homework, even though she’s pregnant again. We’ll have a spare, if everything goes according to plan!

Johan, nowadays ISBI grandfather, is often found at the synthesizer, zoning. His golden years are pretty calm.

And Cassiopeia, the family’s last dog, is fetched by the Grim Reaper. It will be a relief not to have animals in the house anymore!

Eva has totally turned time upside down. In the middle of the night she’s up, thinking about her nanny, and during daytime she sleeps. I’ll have to use her one command to get on the schoolbus Monday morning I suspect.

Malin is studying mechanics while waiting for the baby, and Christopher sleeps on the couch, as always. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him sleeping in a bed.

He wakes up until the baby is due early Monday morning. He actually shows some interest in what’s happening. Another garden baby on the way!

It’s a boy, probably a clone of Eva as far as he looks. He gets the name Erik and will live his life as a sidekick.

The main heiress Eva is growing up well to teen the same night. She chooses the Family aspiration. She turns on from red-headed athletes and turns off from hats. She will be the first ISBI heir that can attend Uni.

And her brother Erik becomes a toddler, and refuses to open his eyes.

While Malin is at work, the rest of the family is entertaining themselves with a game of Don’t wake the llama. Erik is charming Eva’s friend.

And Johan comes home promoted to High School Principal! I thought the days of promotions were history for him, but what do you know!

When your Family aspired teen is miserable – what can you do for her? Buy a pet! Malin ordered a cat adoption, and Eva was instantly better off! Downside is that we'll get more work again.

Malin is better with making friends than previous generations, and apparently it’s paying off for Johan, who gets another promotion, to College Professor!

Time flies, and it’s time for Erik’s birthday. No more toddlers in this generation!

And, as predicted, Erik loves games, too, and is most certainly a clone of Eva.

Finally Christopher gets a promotion, too! It was much needed for his well-being. (guess he's Fortune)

And in the evening Erik is accepted into private school, and both his parents are very happy, even though Christopher doesn’t look that way. He just wet his pants, so that’s the reason for his break-down at this time.

Oops! Unpaid bills on the lawn!
Oops! No food left for the cat!
More work for Malin...

Johan is zoning again, and has at some point gained a hobby plaque in Music and Dance. No surprise, thinking back to his childhood.

Malin trains her son at the punch-bag. She threw a sports party, so I thought it fitted nicely.

Then she teaches him to study.

And the dancing continues

Christoffer is still here, too, he just doesn’t do much.

Malin on the other side, gets promoted to Elite Operative – only one more level left to the goal!

Then it’s time for Johan to leave. He goes in Platinum, of course.

Unfortunately he was cooking when he left, and the stove caught fire.

Just the same night Malin gets promoted to Head of SCIA, since she was acting diplomatically in a llama incident. LTW reached! Now she wants to become a space pirate.

Christoffer reads Erik a story. It looks very sweet, but maybe they could have chosen a better place than the bathroom floor.

I use Eva’s one teen command to get her a job – she ends up accepting a position as a law firm receptionist.

Christoffer gets promoted to detective, and Erik’s grades are dropping.

Then it’s time for Malin to grow up. She does so in her work out outfit, since she’s been training Christoffer all day.

The same thing is then happening to Christoffer!

And Erik grows up to teen and chooses the Romance aspiration.

Malin then performs the last hits on the punch bag and maxes her body skill.

Sunday is the last day of Malin’s reign, and she spends the afternoon playing ”Don’t wake the llama” with her now teen-aged kids.

Malin: ”Cristopher, now when it’s time for me to pass the torch to our daughter Eva, I would like to thank you for these wonderful years that we have had together. You have been the best husband anyone could have, and you have endured your ISBI-dom with honors. Now I will join you, and we will spend our golden years toghether, free from responsibility. Cheers!”

Malin: ”Eva, here’s the torch. I hope you will have a good torch-holder life and that you will be happy in your life. You have now the opportunity to go to University. Don’t waste that chance!”

Eva: “Thanks, Mom!”

Eva then claims her scolarships and leaves for University.

 During Malin’s torch-holder life and ISBI-upbringing, she accomplished the following:

 -         Reached LTW of becoming the Head of SCIA
-         6 friends outside the family
-         Earned 50.000 §
-         Skill points: Cooking 5, Mechanical 8, Charisma 2, Body 10, Logic 10, Creativity 10, Cleaning 7
-         Hobby points: Food 5, Games 6, Science 1 (preferred), Sports 6, Nature 5, Music 4


 While being brought up ISBI-style Eva has accomplished the following:

 -         Private school, B grades
-         0 friend outside the family
-         4 toddler skills
-         Skill points: Cooking 2, Mechanical 0, Charisma 0, Body 9, Logic 4, Creativity 10, Cleaning 7
-         Hobby points: Games 5 (preferred), Music 8, Culinary 3, Fitness 1


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