November 30th, 2008

Lost on Lake Victoria - Part 3

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This challenge is really driving me nuts, nothing has ever been so annoying and agonizing in all my Sims-life. So – I confess – I have cheated. I couldn’t bare to see the survivors of a plane crash just die from starvation, so I gave their moods a boost, and most important, redesigned the lot, to make them able to fish for their food again.

“What kind of fish is this we’re fishing for anyway?”

Sayid got fired for bad performance at work. Our sole provider! That’s not good.

Luckily the same job had another opening, so he’s back on the pay roll.

A strangely dressed woman appears at Kate’s side. Is she a representative of the Others? “Nature hears your calling, you’re welcome to visit us anytime” she says, and then disappears as silently and suddenly as she arrived.


Day 6 - Saturday

Nearly a week on the island makes Kate a bit needy, but Sayid is not amused.

“Are you out of your mind?! There are people looking! And by the way, I still miss Sun, I’d rather be with her!”

“Now, you wouldn’t say no to me, would you Hurley?”
“Of course not!” (Wow, she really is hot!)

With daylightcomes the repo man and reclaims the barbecue. Could have been worse, he could have taken the fridge. This is what happens when you have only one provider, that got fired on top of that, and all sorts of useless jobs in the newspaper.


Day 7 – Sunday

6AM Sunday morning. The Others are coming to take their toll. This time, Kate is taken, the boys have succeeded in getting some aspiration points somehow.

However, the misery is continuing. They are stinking and need to go, but no bathroom has been built yet, and no shower fixed. Let’s see if today’s newspaper will be read, and contain something useful.