November 22nd, 2008

Jinja Asylum - Amarcord, week 6

Well, Vera did help me to get promoted, but I also did have the qualifications for it.

I’m an Executive Chef now, and I’m off work for three days. I wish I wasn’t, that means at least three days before next chance to get out of here. I might die waiting!


 37 Tuesday

This might have been the worst thing yet. Not only do we have roaches in the house, but I also had to stick my nose in Kolya’s but to be able to spray them.

Also, when trying to have some alone time with Tsotsi, Babette just wouldn’t leave the room.


39 Thursday

I hate this place! I hate having days off! I hate that everything is always broken and filthy! I hate my life! I hate this challenge! Why did I ever sign up for it?! I’m doomed to stay here for the rest of my life!

And as that wasn’t enough, we had a thunder storm, and the dayghost of Orfeu scared the living daylights out of Mefisto.

And on top of that, Babette said that he heard that some flight 815 crashed somewhere here in Jinja, too. They haven’t found the bodies of all the passengers yet.

Imagine that, maybe they’re alive and living as castaways on some island. That sounds appealing to me at this point. I really hate this asylum now!

And then I nearly jumped out of my own skin, when the dayghost of Pelle was approaching me. That was just too much, I went to bed. I’ll sleep until tomorrow, and hope for another promotion then, when I’m finally can go back to work.


40 Friday

Well folks. It’s official. I’m a complete failure. I failed this challenge, just like my predecessor. I got fired due to a bad chance card – sporks of steel was the wrong answer.

 The official final date is 40 days. 40 days and 39 nights I’ve been suffering in this dump. I wasted my youth here. And so did my fellow inmates.

/Amarcord Cinéma, signing off



Rounding up

Anyway – since I didn’t die, but failed otherwise, let me tell you what score I got then. I’m actually curious myself. Starting on 100 p for acheiving my LTW. I didn’t. I got to step 8. That is an official failure, so make it 0.

 +20 points for never using influence, makes 20.

Skill points: 113, they all maxed their Logic skill!

Aspiration points: Babette 35.000, Cabiria 16.750, Kolya 60.000 (!), Mefisto 51.500, Tsotsi 13.750. Sums up to 177.000 = 177 points

Friends: Mefisto is friends with Lahksman Chakraborty and Micke Wilhelmsson.
Tsotsi is friends with Jouko Tahvanainen and Anastacia Bombay.
Myself is friends with Vera Unpronouncable, Grace Kiboko and Lahksman Chakraborty.

That means 6 unique friends = 6 points.

 Summa good points: 316

Bad points:


-40 for being institutionalized for 40 days.
-40 for two dead inmates. Pelle and Orfeu, Rest In Peace

 Grand total summary: 236 points

Extra bonus points I made up: 1 p for each hobby plaque – gives
Babette 1 p for gaming enthusiasm
Kolya 1 p for gaming enthusiasm
Mefisto 1 p for gaming enthusiasm