November 13th, 2008

Jinja Asylum - Amarcord, week 4

22 Monday

Kolya is the third inmate maxing his logic skill in this institution. The chess board must be the best invention in the Simiverse.

Off work. We had the first roach infestation in all these years. Cabiria just went to pieces. Had to be all manly and spray them for her. Of course I’ve got some practice from the restaturant kitchen where I work.

In the evening Anastacia came by, visiting. It was really nice of her! I haven’t actually met her before, just saw the show, of course, like everybody else. Or at least tacy00p!


 24 Wednesday

I was taking me some Tsotsi. She was really into it. No persuation whatsoever needed.We just did it.


26 Friday

Even though Tsotsi got herself some the other day, she’s losing it. I can’t figure out why.


27 Saturday

Working. Checking the cameras at 10.23 AM.

Tsotsi, on the rim of break-down, prioritize a shower before a meal. And there IS food in the fridge, we had the usual delivery dance on the front steps yesterday evening.

10.48 AM – Toilet before food.

11.05 AM – Well, finally, after making beds, showering and going to the bathroom for a couple of hours, the half-starved Tsotsi starts cooking.

 I better go back to work here, I just got an assignment from a rich lady to do a surprise soup for her daughter’s wedding. I think I’ll go for my special recipe of Italian Wedding soup, fitting, eh?

In the evening, our neighbour Jouko came over. He’s some kind of manager at the dam renovations. He’s friends with one of my inmates, not sure who. But I make sure to invite him as often as possible, so that we won’t loose him. I don’t know him that well myself though, so sometimes he won’t come on my invitation.


 28 Sunday


It’s nice to see Babette glowing of interest when he’s playing chess. He has a good time here at the Asylum. Kolya is often playing with him, but usually mostly for company I guess.

This week has been calm, too. Not too much excitement. Just wish the promotions could be a bit faster.

See you next week! /Amarcord