November 8th, 2008

Jinja Asylum - Amarcord, week 3

15 Monday

Cabiria was stalking Tsotsi at the easel all morning. Probably she thinks that Tsotsi is intruding on her equipment. Cabiria is usually the one painting.

Since we all got the flu, including me, I had to lie down in the afternoon. I was hoping that maybe Cabiria would come joining me, but instead Tsotsi sailed in. She’s hot, too, and this was a chance to get a bit closer to her. Unexpected, but nice.

Cabiria also got stalked herself today, due to intruding on Babette’s territorium. What a waste of time sitting at the chess table TALKING, when you could play, seems to be his point of view.




16 Tuesday

Babette is happy again, he had a chance to grab his beloved chess board before anybody else occupied it. He’s really glowing with content. I’m glad that they keep themselves busy most of the time, this is still quite an easy ride.

On the last day of winter, Mefisto finds that you can go outside, building snowmen. So he does, and seems to be enjoying himself. Maybe it’s not the best idea of the week anyway, since he’s still sick. I think, anyway. We seem to be getting better all of us. I’m well myself now at least.

Winter is still here, but soon it will be spring. We’re all sick again, and Pelle the Ghost is haunting. He’s apparently depressed to be dead.




17 Wednesday

Spring is approaching, I can feel it. And so can the inmates. Tsotsi all of a sudden has the hots for Babette. He looks very innocent indeed.

Got promoted to waiter. Hope I’ll get another promotion soon, my feet are killing me!




18 Thursday

Babette’s life has become easier. He’s zoning while playing rock and scissors, even!




19 Friday

I finally got layed. Cabiria was resting on the double bed, and when I took the place beside her, she wanted it as much as I did.

As I said, she wanted it as much as I did.



20 Saturday

Man! I’m awesome! I’m a prep cook now! Finally in the kitchen, where I always belonged.

The Asylum is more or less running itself now, that’s why I haven’t been reporting much.

Nothing like some relaxing in a hot woman’s arms after a day at work



21 Sunday

Working. Checking in at 9.52 AM. There’s a big thunder storm going on, and apparently, Orfeu cannot find rest in his grave, haunting the Asylum in broad daylight!

Just had to get some taste of Tsotsi, too, just casually, of course.

Damn, she tastes good! I’m stunned! I’m in love! She’s so distant, cool and beautiful, please bring me a towel, can’t stop drooling