August 19th, 2008

Jinja Asylum - Anastacia, week 1

1 Monday

Me, Anastacia, the blond with blue dress, in the middle of the picture, will try this challenge that is called The Asylum Challenge. If I succeed I will get a lot of credit, and a lot of points, and I will also reach my goal in life - to become a Criminal Mastermind.

The family is called Bombay, just because I saw a CD with Dr Bombay when I decided to join this challenge, and didn't want to use my real name. The others are just a bunch of by-standers. Eventually you will be presented to them.

While waiting for the paper boy/girl, I started studying mechanical skills. I know I will not be allowed to hire a repair man if (when) something breaks, so I'll better be prepared. Imagine the horror if the TV-set would break, what would we do with ourselves?

The next thing that happened was that we received a gift from Uncle Humble. Can't keep it though, it's against the rules - we might enjoy it, and that is of course prohibited. Anyway,  a computer to sell for money means some more wallpaper. 

Got a job as a pick-pocket, but am off on Monday. It’s the first day, and already in the right career track!

Mike is playing in the puddles in a thunderstorm, but is actually surviving

The shower is free to use, but Phillips happily uses the sink in the hallway instead, effectively blocking the route to the toilet, shower and the big bedroom.

2 Tuesday

The place already looks a mess, and we have our first victim of sleeping standing up. Cornelis, not only standing up sleeping, but also blocking the shower room for everybody else. 
Paul Simon seems to think I block his plans, but I don’t care, this toilet needs cleaning!

Just as the car pool arrived, the first kitchen fire started, so I had to make a quick call to the fire department before I left. A hot guy passed by too, but didn’t have time to find out who he is.

Glad I made it to the “office” today! I got a promotion to Courier! Better buy some groceries, then maybe a piece of wallpaper. Or a lamp.
3 Wednesday

Did some cleaning.

And some painting. Off work today.

While Veronique prepared her meal, someone else put something in the oven. Soon it’ll catch fire. “Gotta go!”

Before I had a chance to save whatever’s in the oven, Pink started preparing HER meal!

Luckily I was able to get the TV-dinner out before the stove caught fire.
4 Thursday

Today was calm. I was just slobbing around in my robe all day, painting a little, until it was time to go to work.

Sometimes I feel sorry for Veronique. She’s been cleaning the floor in the shower room for hours. She doesn’t seem to understand it’s no use, as long as I haven’t had the time to fix the leak. 
She’s also always thinking about, and mumbling about Paul Simon. I don’t know how many times he started a new round of the flu in this house. 

Phillips is constantly complaining that he’s hungry, but I’ve never seen him go to the fridge to fix himself a meal. Maybe he can’t.

5 Friday

Or maybe it’s because the fridge is empty – Oh My Sim, how long have they been without food?! No time for my very needed shower, need to feed the inmates!

They sure were hungry, came running all of them when they saw the delivery guy. Couldn’t afford to fill the fridge completely though, really hope for a promotion again soon!

Gaah! I wish I could work from home, Cornelis set the stove on fire, and just stands there looking sheepish. AND getting food enthusiasm from it.

“Ahh! Very dangerous! Very dangerous!”

Everybody joins in on the panicking, except Mike, who’s sound asleep. That’s good. He’s hot anyway (hee!)

Paul Simon is catching fire!! Wilson is panicking.

And the Grim Reaper comes to claim not only Paul Simon but also Cornelis, it seems.

Cornelis got out of the first blaze of fire, but there’s still one spot burning.

The fire is spreading again and now Pink’s in a hot space.

And Mike is getting himself involved. Nothing to do but watching them destroy themselves.

The Reaper has a busy night, and the fire has spread to the counters across the room!

Mike and Cornelis get caught...

Then, after about six hours of fire, I came strolling home, all happy with my promotion to Bookie.

6 Saturday

I was soon taken down to earth by the smell of smoke though, and called the fire department immediately.

The Reaper came back a third time the same night, to claim Cornelis.

And while the Reaper did his job, the fire brigade did theirs. They even sent two fire fighters, I have never seen that before!

The house was left in a complete mess, and with three casualties. I really needed an energy drink by that time. It will take hours to clean up the mess and replace everything that was lost. We must also arrange a graveyard. Oh well, time to get down to business.

Oh no, here we go again...! Mike forgot his meal, while dancing waiting for it. Short attention span with these people...

4.43 PM

5.27 PM

At 6.09 PM, when I arrived home from work, Veronique and Wilson caught fire at the same time.

6.34 PM
Caught fire myself, and Wilson died.

6.35 PM
Got saved myself, but Veronique died too. This place really sucks. The Reaper will soon charge me for overtime.

Now we’re down to three of us – Me, Mike and Phillips. One bed and two chairs allowed. This challenge really sucks! I need to go to bed. Wake me up when I’m a Criminal Mastermind.
7 Sunday

Trying to clean up the kitchen. Tideous and time consuming. Yuck! Wish I was out of here!

Phillips probably wish he was out of here too. The dolls in the air are likely from his social bunny. He is so isolated that he’s got no one else to dream of, but himself.

Now it’s Mike complaining about being hungry all the time, but this time I KNOW there’s food in the fridge. He even has a new stove to put himself on fire with... :/
No, he’s rather sitting here complaining. I’m so fed up. If we had the double bed still, at least I could seduce him, but not even that.

Hey, Mike! I actually cooked dinner now, could you please appreciate that for once, and EAT instead of looking into the fridge and complain about you being hungry!

Finally!! Take another serving while you’re at it, please!

What’s this?! Mike is cooking!! It’s an amazing sign of progress in his disease. I really wish it would last.


Well, folks, this week really sucked when it comes to keeping imates alive, but career wise, and for me personally it was a great week. See you next time!