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Belladonna Wishes - Week 1 - Nyman

The Nymans are a group of six playable orphans, probably known by most simmers. Their week start on Wednesday, but there are no pictures of any earlier play session.

0566 Nyman

Glen Nyman, Fortune teen
Greta Nyman, Family teen
Gabriella Nyman, child
Gert Nyman, child
Gry Nyman, toddler
Göte Nyman, toddler

0567 Low asp

Glen is in aspiration failure for unknown reasons. Maybe the kids have had a failed headmaster attempt, I don’t know. Glen wants to attend private school, but he starts with helping his brother Gert with his homework

0568 Greta

Greta is a Family sim, longing desperately for her first kiss. She’s got very little time, though, between school and her brothers and sisters needing to be taken care of. She gets in small wishes by playing with her little sister Gry.

0569 Gert

Gert starts off getting in a big wish for learning how to study

0570 Gabriella

Gabriella gets her first point by getting a skill point. She’s very interested in the neighbour, the blond guy who lives on the next floor, Bruno Carhagen.

0571 Skill

Göte gets his first toddler point by playing with the blocks. His twin sister Gry doesn’t get any points at all on the first day, at least not any captured by the camera

0572 Rutger
0573 Dance

Back from school, Greta dates Rutger, who she’s got one bolt for

0574 Financial

Glen wants to earn some money and gives financial advice over the internet

0575 Wishes

The children get wishes in by interacting with each other

0576 Phone

Glen is a typical teen and Fortune at that, so he wishes for a cellphone and a hand game and an MP3-player!

0577 Computer

Then he tries out the computer downtown, but their own is better, so he returns home.

0578 Rope

Children are my favourite wishes-sims, they are easy!

0579 Birthday
0580 Birthday

And now we’ll have a couple more!

0581 Children

And they immediately start to fulfill each others wishes. Wonder who put make-up on Gry? It sure wasn’t me!

0582 Teens

Sometimes that interaction strategy works with teens too

0583 Points
0584 Points

Actually, these siblings get a lot of wish points from each other!

0585 Skill

And if no brother or sister is available, they like to skill

0586 Skill
0587 Skill

The best is of course when you can combine skilling with interacting!

0588 Phone

Thursday, Greta decides she wants all the electronic gizmos, too!

0589 Friend

Look, a visitor! Gry brought Fabian Glenarp with her home from school

0590 Bruno

Gabriella is obsessed with the neighbour, Bruno Carhagen, and always wants to talk to him, joke with him and be friends with him. He might need to look up when she’s older!

0591 Homework
0592 Homework

There are more or less the same things happening all the time – homework

0593 Rope
0594 Rope
0595 Rope

And skipping rope

0596 Adult

And Gabriella spending time with adults

0597 Food
0598 Food

Meanwhile, Greta gets her wishes in by serving and eating food.

0599 Fabian

And another Fabian is visiting

0600 Zombie

The next big event is when the family decides to buy a guinea pig they name Zombie.

0601 Play
0602 Play
0603 Play

After that, the wish pattern changes

0604 Homework

The weekend sees some catching up on homework and sleep

0605 Date

And we realize we never got down to Greta’s first kiss!

0606 Kiss

But finally, after a nap, she gets it in. It’s a big wish for her, but I don’t know about Rutger, the one-bolter.

0607 Play
0608 Play
0609 Play
0610 Date

Time is also spent interacting within and outside the family. Even Glen gets a one-bolt date in!

0611 Gabriella
0612 Gert
0613 Pop0614 Rom

And we finish this update with Gabriella and Gert growing up to teens, acquiring Popularity and Romance aspirations respectively

0615 Score

Even if this family felt pretty easy to fulfill wishes for, they were just too many to succeed!

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