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ISBI Modig Generation 6 - Pernilla part 3

Generation 1 - Yvonne
Generation 2 - Johan
Generation 3 - Malin
Generation 4 - Eva
Generation 5.1 - Anna-Lena

Generation 5.2 - Anna-Lena
Generation 5.3 - Anna-Lena
Generation 6.1 - Pernilla
Generation 6.2 - Pernilla

0558 Booty

Anna-Lena seems to be able to handle her ISBI-dom pretty well. She’s making a booty call when Pernilla is at work.


0559 Booty

It’s a college boy with a strange name

0560 Grades

Hanna has good grades and her father is there to cheer for her. Pernilla has been promoted to Battle of the Bands Judge

0561 Cook

Then the Knowledge ISBI spouse makes himself useful by cooking some hotdogs.

0562 Date

Pernilla thanks him by dating him and wishing to fall in love with someone else

0563 Lesson

Then she thanks him for real by teaching him stuff

0564 Ghost

Hanna gets scared by her great-great-something-grandfather, generation 2 heir Johan Modig

0565 Homework

She’s soon recovered, and the most tedious part of ISBI, the homework ensues. Every day it has to be done, since no Sims 2 kid even makes the homework autonomously

0566 Roadie

Pernilla gets promoted to Roadie

0567 Ghost

And then, when her hunger level is totally tanked out, she gets scared by gen 2 spouse. Luckily she survives, or this ISBI would have come to an end

0568 Håkan
0569 Anna-Lena

The ISBI members of the household are doing fine at the moment. Entertain themselves and the cat, and eats food and spend time together

0570 Ghost

The hauntings continue

0571 Music

And so does the music tradition in this house. You see on the wall that it has been going on for a while, and you can also see on Anna-Lena’s glow that one of the plaques on the wall is hers.

0572 Member

Håkan is advancing in his interest too, and gets a membership card at the music hobby lot

0573 Röde dies
0574 Dead

It’s time for Röde, the cat, to leave the ISBI household and join the ranks of the haunting

0575 Teach

Pernilla tries to keep Håkan happy by teaching him random stuff

0576 Music
0577 Music

But mostly the ISBIs are usig their time to play or read about music

0578 Drink

Håkan doesn’t cook often. When he gets hungry, he turns to the bar.

0579 Studio

Pernilla gets promoted to Studio Musician

0580 Anna-Lena old

And Anna-Lena grows old!

0581 Ghost
0582 Ghost

At some point, this ISBI will most certainly end with the playable getting scared to death by their ancestors!

0583 Kent
0584 Kent

Pernilla starts to think it was a long time since she had some seduction fun, and she invites Kent the teenager over. Or if he passed by, don’t remember

0585 Piano
0586 Anna-Lena

The family doesn’t care, they just play away on their instruments.

0587 Pianist

Pernilla gets promoted to Concert Pianist and will have to dress differently soon.

0588 Synth
0589 Dance

Music, music, music – nothing else matters for this family

0590 Hanna teen

And all of a sudden, or at last, Hanna becomes a teenager!

0591 Romance0592 New look

She’s choosing the Romance aspiration – what else?! And we use our free right to change her apperance, to look the part

0593 Music

Apart from her being able to use other instruments than before, nothing has changed – there’s only music that counts!

0594 Max crea

And soon after her 13th birthday, Hanna maxes her creativity skill

0595 Plaque

And she earns a plaque for it. There it seems like a good place to end this update. We will have more than one more week of reign for Pernilla, before Hanna is ready to go to Uni, or take the torch anyway

Next time - even more ISBI stuff, probably including booty calls
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