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Belladonna Wishes - Week 1 - Meckare

This is a family I never played in my entire life. I know that the daughter, Millan, made life miserable for some of my sims in the beginning of Mattsmyra Prosperity challenge, but otherwise, I have no experience of them

0508 Meckare

Stefan Meckare, Family
Wanda Meckare, Family
Millan Meckare, Knowledge

0509 Try

It's a wonder that this devoted Family couple doesn't have more than one child, and a teen at that! They immediately start to try for baby upon opening the lot

0510 Dog

And since they are Family, they want a dog, too

0511 Happy

Wanda is very happy. J68 has problems remembering her name is Wanda and not Wilma. If it is wrongly written somewhere, you know why

0512 No job
0513 No job

Stefan and Millan try to find jobs, but no luck

0514 HEadmaster

Millan instead invites the headmaster over

0515 Woo

The visit is a success

0516 Accepted

And Millan is accepted

0517 LAw

Stefan finds a job in Law Enforcement

0518 Pregnant

Wanda is pregnant!

0519 Homework

Wanda feels fine – she has the energy to teach Millan how to study

0520 Clean

And to do some cleaning around the house.

0521 Cleo

She also plays a lot with Cleo, the dog. Someone wished for a guinea pig cage, but there’s no animal there yet.

0522 Telescope

Millan wished for a telescope, and she uses it a lot

0523 Logic
0524 Logic

She gets some wishpoints from it.

0525 Wednesday

Stefan wishes for a guinea pig, and he buys one and names it Wednesday, just because it’s Wednesday.

0526 Wednesday

He likes Wednesday very much

0527 Dog

The animals get a lot of attention in this house.

0528 Fire

Stefan reads up on fire safety, for his family of course.

0529 Flirts

Then he flirts with his incredibly beautiful and incredibly pregnant wife.

0530 Animals
0531 Play
0531 Wash

Animals are on everybody’s mind

0532 Cereal

Wanda loves to eat

0533 Baby

Then it’s babytime

0534 Astrid

It’s a girl, and she gets the name Astrid after Wanda’s mother.

0535 Skill
0536 Cleo

Then it’s time to spend some time on herself, and on Cleo

0537 Astrid

Astrid is also taken good care of.

0538 Pregnant

And someone apparently snuck off to make another baby when I wasn't looking!

0539 Baby

Daddy loves his little girl!

0540 Wednesday

And his guinea pig

0541 Wednesday

Even Millan likes Wednesday. Or at least to clean the cage

0542 Cleo

And Cleo is still loved

0543 Birthday
0544 Astrid

Now – birthday! And we will have another sim to fulfill wishes for

0545 Dad

Spending time with Daddy!

0546 Baby
0547 Rutger

Babytime again! This time it’s a boy, who gets the name Rutger after Stefan’s father

0548 Millan

In the meantime, Millan leads her Knowledge life and skills away the fastest she can

0549 Toddelr
0550 Potty
0551 Toddler

Toddler interaction is rewarding!

0552 Job

Then all of a sudden, Wilma Wanda wants a job! She accepts one as a Fish Masher

0553 Animal
0554 Animal
0555 Animal
0556 Animal
0557 Animal

In this house, the animals are not neglected, even if the cleaning might be

0558 Flirt
0559 Cuddle
0560 Rutger
0561 Astrid

The sims are interacting a lot too

0562 Food

Wanda breaks off with some cooking, but rarely cleaning...

0563 Rutger
0564 Rutger

And we end this update with Rutger, growing up to toddler with the help of big sister Millan

0565 Score

Stefan wanted children and wanted to learn fire safety, couples counseling and stuff that took too much time, so he has a "Knowledge" result for the week. The only one half ok was Wanda, who had a lot of small wishes, but she was also pregnant almost all the time.

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