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Belladonna Wishes - Week 1 - Markövertag

Probably THE most famous bachelor in the Sims, needs no further introduction

0466 MArkövertag

Malcolm Markövertag, Fortune

0467 ARtist
0468 Flowers

Malcolm starts off with showing us his artistic side, but there’s a storm coming in. It starts with heavy rains

0469 Fire

Then there’s raging thunder and lightning. Thee tree in the yard catches fire

0470 Fire

Then on the other side

0471 Fire

And again!! Malcolm’s aspiration really doesn’t benefit from that!

0472 City

So, when he’s invited downtown by his neighbour Florence, he takes the chance

0473 No date

She’s not interested in helping him fulfill his date want

0474 Görel

So instead he checks out the other ladies present.

0475 Emma

He seems to like blonds, even if Emma is a bit young

0476 Dinner

He has dinner with the neighbours his own age, though.

0477 Fitness

Tuesday, he finds that his true hobby is Fitness

0478 Pest

He also has a lingering want to hire pest control, even though there are no roaches on his lot. However, the evil witch arrived to the community lot he visited before, and she of course spread roaches around

0479 Art
0480 Art
0481 Art

Then back to the easel for a while

0482 Rope

It’s easy, but boring to fulfill Malcolm’s wishes.


He spends some time trying to find his desired job in Crime, but no such luck

0485 Date

And he’s dating his teenage hottie Emma

0486 Teen
0487 Drink

She makes sure the date is kept on teen level  except for some underage drinking.

0488 Spagetti

Then Malcom gets the notion that he would like to learn how to cook spaghetti. J68 approves, but it proves not to be so easy.

0489 Success

After a couple of tries he gets the hang of it, and earns another wish point be eating his own cooking

0490 Skill

Then back to skilling. Sometimes j68 wonders if Malcolm s a Knowledge sim in disguise

0491 Pickpocket

Then he lands a job in the criminal career, as a pickpocket

0492 Görel

He invites over Görel, the adult blond hottie he met at the diner the other night

0493 Courier

He gets promoted to Courier

0494 Drums
0495 Guitar
0496 Drums

And then he starts a new way of earning Creativity points

0497 Greta

J68 starts to think Malcom will need a wife at some point, and forces him to talk to all walk-bys

0498 Görel

And when he wants to invite someone, we invite Görel

0499 Dog

This time Görel brought a dog

0500 Dog

Bad dog! Now Malcolm has no bed

0501 Solution

Could have been nice to have a bed at this time!

0502 Bookmaker

Luckily he’s promoted that night and can buy a new bed

0503 Görel

By now, he really likes when Görel comes over.

0504 TAlk
0505 BFs

And they become best friends

0506 Con

And as a last note, we give you Malcolm, promoted to Con Artist

0507 Score

As said before, Malcolm was easy to handle, although a bit boring.

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