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Belladonna Wishes - Week 1 - Lööv

Emelie Lööv is one of those countless townie teens j68 sent through college on 3xspeed

0437 Lööv

Emelie Lööv, Knowledge

0438 Emelie

Emelie, despite being Knowledge, didn’t cope well with Uni on 3xspeed. She was expelled after a couple of years due to bad performance, and therefor she she’s got only five wish slots. She’s got a few friends, but no love interest at all, at least not yet.

0439 Skill

Being your typical Knowledge sim, Emelie’s first wish fulfilled is a skill point.

0440 Cooking

But she also likes cooking

0441 Tabitha

And regarding love interests, j68 didn’t look close enough – Emelie really has the hots for Tabitha Olofsson, a dormie. But on the other hand, they really don’t have a relationship. Yet.

0442 Study

Instead she’s going back to studying

0443 Ambassador

Since Emelie has a career related LTW to become a Space Pirate, j68 allows her to accept a job even though she doesn’t explicitly ask for it. She needs to pay the bills somehow anyway!

0444 Spelunker

She becomes a Spelunker on her first day

0445 Chess
0446 Chess

Back to skilling via chess playing with the neighbour Tom

0447 Skill

The skilling continues for an extensive, extremely boring period where the days are not long enough to get in five wishes – typical single Knowledge sim!

0448 Skill
0449 Skill
0450 Skill
0451 Skill
0452 Skill
0453 Skill

Skill, skill, skill, skill…

0454 Promotion


0455 Games

And a game!

0456 Skill
0457 Skill

Then repeat

0458 Demotion

Except we have a demotion instead of a promotion. And Tabitha, like the readers, starts to wonder what happened. We thought there was a spark?

0459 Skill
0460 Skill
0461 Promotion

More skilling, and another promotion

0462 Computer
0463 Tom
0464 Play

But suddenly, on Sunday, Emelie starts to wish for other things than skilling - to spend some time with people, and to take a swing!

0465 Score

We have a typical Knowledge result. Let's see what happens next week!

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