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4.2 Motvalls - A Sims 3 Legacy/Completion Challenge

Last time, Mikael courted Ada Damberg. They got engaged and then married. Eva tried to mend the relationship with Theodor, but it ended with a divorce and Theodor moved out. Anders kept to himself and grew up to elder. Ada met a unicorn for the first time and started a daycare center. Eva grew up to elder and Maria just worked.

0760 Uni

We pick up where we left off last time, with Ada trying to connect to the unicorn that she found again late Sunday night

0761 Uni

He likes apples and to sniff Ada’s hand

0762 Uni

But she’s not allowed to pet him

0763 Gone

And at 5 am he’s gone

0764 Babies
0765 Babies

So Ada goes home to start her first day as a “day mother”. She’s got two enrolled kids -  Melvin and Tova

0766 Tickle

Tova is a bit stressed out by the new environment, but Ada tickles it better

0767 Pregnant

Since Ada hunts unicorns all night, and since she is pregnant herself now, she hires an assistant babysitter.

0768 Pickup
0769 Pickup

The first day as a day mother goes well, and now there will be no more kids until after her own baby is born

0770 Teri

Meanwhile, Anders has fallen in love with a workmate and he wishes to kiss her, all autonomously. This must be the real thing!

0771 Maria

Maria starts to become famous, hopefully in her line of work, and is now a B celebrity

0772 Teri
0773 Teri

After work, Anders asks Teri out. They are best friends and have a lovely time

0774 Teri
0775 Teri

But when he tries to kiss her, she rejects him. Anders doesn’t understand
Teri: “Anders, you and I are such good friends, it would be a shame to ruin it because of a fling”
Anders: “This is not a fling, Teri, I want to be with you!”
Teri: “ We’ll see. You move too fast”
Anders: “That’s ok, I can wait, let’s move in your pace”

0776 Eva

Eva gets some date offers too, but this guy is really not much fun. As soon as he arrives he says he must leave
Eva: “Huh?! It was you asking me out!”

0777 Mikael
0778 Fame

Mikael has a successful day when he first is promoted to freelance journalist, and immediately earns a celebrity star

0779 LTW

Anders finally reaches his LTW and is now a World renowned surgeon! He’s also a quite successful hobby pianist and will play with a piano ensemble at the theater tonight

0780 Master

And after that performance he’s officially a piano master!

0781 Teri

Then he invites Teri to his home, so that she will feel more secure. She’s a Loner like him and doesn’t like crowds

0782 Teri
0783 Teri
0784 Teri

Awww, they share their first kiss right there in the Motvalls kitchen, and Anders is in heaven!

0785 Ada

Right when Ada is outside picking apples to keep ready for the unicorn, the birth labour starts

0786 Hospital

Since Mikael is at work, she calls him in, and then leaves herself for the hospital

0787 Hospital

Mikael comes running in his journalist trench coat

0788 Johan0789 Johan

Lo and behold, it’s a boy! The shift in the SimGodess games to more boys than girls born has made it so easy to play a patriarch legacy! Johan gets the traits Loves the Outdoors and Heavy Sleeper (both new!)

0790 Taxi

The small family takes a taxi home. It’s cute that you can see them all there in the backseat!

0791 Johan

Back home, the ghosts are out all times of day or night. But mostly this picture is to show that Johan loves kids music, spaghetti and the colour black.

0792 Teri dies

And soon there will another ghost. Anders’ girlfriends Teri dies at the house (without the family having a party!)

0793 Teri dies

Anders is not there right then, but Mikael sees her off, together with Anders’ aunt Anna, resident ghost

0794 Uni

That night it’s time for a unicorn encounter again. It’s right by the science facility, where Ada saw him the very first time

0795 Uni
0796 Uni
0797 Uni
0798 Uni

It goes as it has done the last times – sniffing and apples are good, but no petting

0799 Uni

But then instead of disappearing, the unicorn falls asleep! Ada decides to go home and do the same

0800 Lisa

Anders is heartbroken after Teri’s death and accepts to go out with Lisa Bunch, who he dated a while ago. She’s still considered a “thing” for him, even though they have drifted apart.

0801 Maria

Maria is still here, and is promoted to Fertilizer Analyst

0802 Eva

And Eva is still here, dating Patrick Bunch

0803 Eva

And as soon as we turn our eyes away, they kiss each other, which means they now have a thing for each other

0804 Anders

At home, family oriented grandfather Anders gets to know the newborn Johan

0805 Doll

Johan, who got a doll in the mail from some unknown family

0806 Date

Anders continues to accept date invites to console himself after the loss of Teri

0807 Cheat

But that night he finds that Lisa, who he’s officially romantically involved with, flirts with someone else!

0808 Friends

But since he very nearly lost interest himself, he does not make a scene but asks Lisa that they shall be only friends, and she accepts

0809 Uni

Ada succeeds to meet the unicorn for the third time this week!
It’s by one of the remote fishing lakes, where he’s often seen too

0810 uni
0811 Uni
0812 Uni

The usual procedure ensues

0813 Uni

This is something new – the unicorn sniffs Ada’s ear

0814 Uni

And then she’s allowed to pet his neck

0815 Gone

And that night, Ada feels she has gotten one step closer to her goal

0816 Johan grows

At home, Johan grows up on his own, after it has been impossible to get him to the cake, which also lead to the Mikael has a bad moodlet from a failed birthday party

0817 Rlle

As soon as he grew up, Johan started playing with his doll, who is named Rulle. He likes it very much.

0818 Chess

Anders wished to play chess, and the only one available was his ghost aunt Anna. They both enjoy the game.

0819 Reconnect

Then he tries to reconnect with his sister. They have really drifted apart!

0820 Pregnant

Could it be that Johan will soon have a little brother or sister?

0821 Pregnant

Yes it could!

0822 No daykids

And during all this, both her daycare kids have grown up and don’t need her anymore.

0823 Talk

Mikael tries to teach Johan to speak, but he’s (it’s) slow

0824 Hungry

Mikael: “Daddy’s so hungry!”
Johan “Ungy!”

0825 Rulle

And we end this update with Johan, who really starts to connect with his doll Rulle

Next time - we don't know, since it hasn't been played
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