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4.1 Motvalls - A Sims 3 Legacy/Completion Challenge

Last time, Generation 2 Karl and Gillian died, contributing to the legacy challenge 4 and 3 points, and for the completion challenge 10 and 6 points respectively. Theodore accepted a job in Science. Maria and Mikael grew up to adults, and Mikael met his now girlfriend Ada at the prom. Maria and Mikael graduated and Maria started working in Science. Anders bought the local library and went on occasional dates. Eva and Theodore had a fallout due to her doing something naughty when the SimGodess wasn't looking.

0700 Writing

Mikael Motvalls is now the main attraction for this legacy. To reach the top of the Journalism career, he needs to work on his writing skill, which he does at the desk he installed in the pool house.

0701 Ada
0702 Ada
0703 Ada

Being the heir, he will also need a wife, and he’s dating Ada every chance he gets. They are a cute couple

0704 Eva

Eva still tries to mend the relationship with Theodor, by nude baths

0705 Eva

And ghost stories

0706 Theodor

Theodor has nearly gotten over the betrayal, 14 h to go. He accepts to sleep beside Eva again

0707 Ada
0708 Ada
0709 Steady

Mikael’s courting of Ada continues and they decide to go steady

0710 Tips

Eva has an opportunity to earn 500§ in tips from playing the guitar, and does so as often as she can.

0711 Theodor

Theodor has gotten over the betrayed moodlet, but suddenly decides he doesn’t want to be with Eva anymore anyway :o

0712 Divorce

So he seeks her out and divorces her, right outside the theater with half the town watching!

0713 Eva

Eva is not happy

0714 Flowers
0715 No

Then he tries to make amends by giving her flowers. WTF?!

0716 Kicked

No, this really doesn’t work out, so Eva kicks Theodor out. He doesn’t have a unique LTW anyway, so it’s just as well

0717 Ada

Mikael’s love life is much better than his aunt’s. Him and Ada are back, dating at the stables, where they had their first date…

0718 Engage

And there he asks her to become his wife

0719 Yes

She says yes, and they go home to Mikael

0720 Marriage
0721 Family

They immediately exchange rings and Ada leaves her mother and cat behind and moves in to the legacy house, as generation 4 spouse

0722 Ada

Ada moves in and as promised she gets new hair, so that the readers (and the SimGodess) will be able to tell her apart from the other ladies in the house.
Ada has a completely new LTW: Fairy Tale Finder, which means she needs to adopt a unicorn. That will certainly be a challenge!

0723 Anders

Generation 3 heir, Anders, gets asked out on a date, but gets stood up. He doesn’t mind, since he loves to be alone, but on the other hand he hates the outdoors.

0724 Dive

However, while there he autonomously tries out a new thing – container diving!

0725 Dinner

Mikael takes his new wife out to a romantic dinner at the diner. Just a little bit trashy there, Mikael!

0726 Eva

Eva has to get to know her workmates better to improve her work performance, and she asks Alton Minved out to see a movie, all on friendly terms. It’s not a date.

0727 Adners

Anders spends a lot of time at the library which he bought last round. He loves to sit there and read, both for business and pleasure purposes.

0728 Anders

On his way home it’s time for him to become an elder. He celebrates alone, which suits him fine, being a Loner.

0729 elder

He looks a lot like his grandfather Claes now when he’s an elder!

0730 Anton
0731 Alton

Eva is out with Alton again. They are becoming good friends, and Eva confesses her grief over the ugly divorce from Theodor. Alton comforts her.

0732 Unicorn

The first night as Mrs Motvalls, Ada goes unicorn hunting – and she’s in luck! She finds the unicorn and is stunned by its beauty

0733 Un

Carefully she closes in on the unicorn and the wild horses that accompany it

0734 Uni
0735 Uni

She lets the male unicorn sniff her, and it goes well

0736 Uni

She even dares to give him a treat

0737 Uni

But when she boldly tries to pet him, he resents it

0738 Uni
0739 Gone

Just before dawn, he agrees to sniff her again, and then he’s gone with his entourage

0740 Mikael

Happy, she goes home to tell her husband all about the encounter with the unicorn

0741 Dayjob

However, she needs a dayjob, too, and since she’s childish and the family really doesn’t need more money, she applies to become a daycare home.

0742 No kids

But since it’s already Thursday, no kids are enrolled until next week.

0743 Neuro

Speaking about day jobs, Anders gets promoted to neuro surgeon and is only one step away from his ultimate goal. Hopefully it will happen soon, since he has started to wish for retirement.

0744 MAria

The forgotten fifth member of this household, Mikael’s elder sister Maria gets promoted too, in her Science career , but we forgot to what.

0746 Swim

She celebrates by going swimming in the sea. She has an opportunity to workout for four hours, but swimming apparently doesn’t count as workout. She gets some athletic skill, though.

0747 Eva

Eva, who is in the Music career masters her guitar

0748 Patrick

She celebrates by accepting a date with Patrick Bunch, who danced on the kitchen counters at a funeral last round. He has grown old since then. Patrick and Eva are pretty compatible. We’ll see where it leads.

0749 Eva

Then Eva returns home to get some sleep in the lawn chair that no one is ever using, so it needed to be documented. The pool area at the house is wonderful, but the sims are ungrateful and are never there

0750 Ada
0750 Ada Anna

Ada chases the unicorn every night, but it has not been seen since that first night. The days she spend trying out different hobbies, like playing the guitar, learning new recipies or meeting the resident ghosts, like generation 2 spare Anna.

0751 Mikael

Mikael finally gets his first promotion, to spell checker

0752 Maria
0753 Maria

Maria become a worthless gizmo trickster or whatever it might be called in English, which means she needs to learn some more gardening

0754 Naked

Eva spends more and more time with Patrick Bunch

0755 Pop

And eventually she gets promoted too, to Pop Icon

0756 Birthday

Then it’s time for her birthday

0757 Chheer

Friends and family cheer her on

0758 Patrick

And Patrick is there to share her big day

0759 Uni

And that night, right after she found out she’s pregnant, Ada finds the unicorn again!

To be continued!!
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