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Belladonna Wishes - Week 1 - Larsson

Jonas and Josefin Larsson are brother and sister and lives in a big apartment

0411 LArsson

Jonas Larsson, Fortune
Josefin Larsson, Fortune

0412 Tom

Josefin starts the week with throwing herself at Tom Fresk, their next door neighbour. As the readers might remember, they started a relationship at his lot.

0413 Irma

Jonas has a relationsip with the next door neighbour on the other side, Irma Lejon

0414 Irma

They cannot have enough of each other

0415 Josefin
0416 Friend

Josefin, however, is not so single-mindedly interested in Tom. She likes to paint and to meet other friends too.

0417 Eat

Both siblings get a lot of wishes fulfilled by eating ham sandwiches. They love it!

0418 Irma

But Jonas gets his most wishes from Irma

0419 Ring
0420 Ring

”Will you marry me?”

0421 Married

Jonas is apparently considered rich, but not Irma

0422 Irma

Irma is a Fortune sim too, and works in the Oceanography career, even though she would like to go into Business. She immediately rolls a wish for a baby

0423 Josefin

Josefin likes her new sister-in-law and most of all her money. Buy me, buy me, buy me!

0424 Play
0425 Dance
0426 Kiss

Jonas and Irma has a playful, tight, passionate relationship

0427 Chess
0428 Advice

But Josefin is more focused on her career and different ways to make money

0429 Advice
0430 Advice

All three inhabitants like to give financial advice over the internet to earn some extra money

0431 Body

Jonas wishes to be promoted and needs Body points for that

0432 Åaint

And he paints for fun

0433 Chess

Irma has found that she likes chess. And despite the fact that they have tried ever so often, Irma is still not pregnant

0434 Good

There’s nothing wrong with their devotion, though – seeking each other out all the time

0435 PRomotion

And as a las picture we give you Josefin, promoted to Nurse. She’s exhausted but happy

0436 Score

All in all, the three inhabitants had an equally successful week, but to be honest, probably Irma’s was best, since she only had five days

And now- we will have a beak in the five wishes challenge and go to Birka for the Build a City challenge
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