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Belladonna Wishes - Week 1 - Jacquet

The Jacquets are a known Bluewater family consisting of Fortune elder Denise and her Romance son Gilbert. They do have a business, but no one was interested in that all week.

0376 Jacquet

Denise Jacquet, Fortune
Gilbert Jacquet, Romance

0377 Piano

Denise starts off the weke with wishes for Creativity points

0378 Charisma

And Gilbert for Charisma

0379 Florist

Denise wishes for all sorts of stuff. Among others a Florist bench

0380 PArty

Party time!

0381 Party
0382 Party

Gilbert, who’s supposed to be a Don Juan, dances with his mother!

0383 Woohoo

Then he remembers why he threw the party in the first place – to get laid!

0384 Unfaithful

No more are they out of bed before Gilbert flirts with the next girl, making the first one furious

0385 New

He doesn’t care, but continues to flirt with the new girl

0386 Jill
0387 Perceptive

Her name is Jill and she’s very receptive

0388 Piano
0389 Piao

Denise has got stuck by the piano

0390 Clothes

She takes a short break to go buy some new clothes

0391 Piano

Then she’s back at the piano

0392 Florence

Gilbert has moved on to his neighbour Florence

0393 Caught

During the date with Florence, Jill comes by with a date gift and disaster strikes

0394 Date

But the date continues as if nothing happened

0395 Skill
0396 Skill

Denise has started working in the Military career to earn some money and she gets a few skill points away from the piano

0397 Florence
0398 Date

The first date with Florence is followed by more and it starts to get serious

0399 Skill

What has happened? Has Denise left the piano for good?

0400 Piano
0401 Piano
0402 Piano

Eh, no.

0403 Didater

Then Gilbert comes home from work, fired, with totally tanked needs

0404 Dead

And he dies!!
Denise begs the grim Reaper not to take her son

0405 Win

And she wins a game of ”Which hand”

0406 Alive

And Gilbert is alive and well again

0407 Rope

After that, Gilbert starts a new life to get fit

0408 Date

But everything didn’t change – he still meets new girls

0409 Bass

Denise changed her focus, though, from the piano to the bass guitar.

0410 Score
The week’s score is half bad for Denise, but incredibly good for Gilbert, despite the fact that he died and was resurrected. He was easy to maintain since he wished for dates every day.

Tags: belladonna wishes, jacquet

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