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Belladonna Wishes - Week 1 - Glenarp

Glenarps are a newlywed couple and thier room mate. They have been played before

0339 Glenarp

Adrian Glenarp, Knowledge
Carina Grimmhav, Romance
Samantha Glenarp, Knowledge

0340 History

0341 Car
0342 Food

We start out with small wshes. Samantha loves the toy car, and Adrian loves to serve food. Should they be Pleasure and Family sims instead?

0343 Baby

At least it’s time for a baby

0344 Fabian

It’s another boy, and another Fabian, after Adrian’s father, and not after the other Fabians in the hood.

0345 Carina

The live-in Romancer gets her wishes fulfilled by dating

0346 Abbe
0347 Woohoo

Tonight it’s Abbe Rehnström

0348 Car

After Fabian’s birth, Samantha goes back to the toy car

0349 Talk

But she also likes to talk about hobbies

0350 Car

Carina likes the toy car too

0351 Date
0352 Date
0353 Date

But mostly she likes dating

0354 Birthday

Fabian grows up to toddler

0355 Todder

And despite getting in a wish once in a while, he proves to be difficult

0356 Potty
0357 Flirt
0358 A Food
0358 Food

These Knowledge sims are refreshingly uninterested in skilling, ut more in each other and cooking

0359 Pregnant

And soon Samantha is pregnant again

0360 Car

While waiting, she plays with the toy car

0361 Skill
0362 Garden

And Adrian actually spends some time skilling and starts a garden, since spring arrived

0363 Birthday
0364 Child

Fabian grows up to child

0365 Date
0366 Date

Carina starts dating Arne Cederborg, 97.

0367 Lemanade

Fabian likes to sell lemonade

0368 Baby

Then it’s time for the next baby

0369 Barbara

It’s a girl! The first girl born in Belladonna! She looks like  a clone of her brother, but we’ll see. She gets the name Barbara after Samanta’s mother

0370 No school

The Knowledge parents want Fabian to attend Private school, but they don’t succeed

0371 BReak-down

Samantha takes this very hard

0372 Telescope

While waiting for a new chance, Adrian looks in his telescope

0373 Date

And Carina dates Arne again

0374 Success

As a last happening late Sunday night, the second headmaster visit ends a success, and Adrian who is laying out nowadays is very happy, ass well as Samatna off screen of course. Nobody asked Fabian about his opinion

0375 Score

The usual Knowledge problem occured at this lot, but Romancer Carina had a pretty good week. Fabian was a hopeless toddler, hopefully he will be better off as a kid. Barbara is still a baby and doesn’t count.

Tags: belladonna wishes, glenarp

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