j68_challenges (j68_challenges) wrote,

Belladonna Wishes - Week 1 - Gieke

Christer Gieke is an original playable sim too, and he lives in the same building as Herbert and Filippa Gerdskär

0328 Gieke

Christer Gieke, Knowledge

0329 Invite

Christer starts off his week by wishing to invite someone over. His first choice, a college dormie, doesn’t know him well enough, but Filippa is ready to come

0330 Skill

But soon Christer shows his true colours, skilling standing up

0331 Skill

Skilling sitting down in his underwear. (He does have wishes regarding Filippa and getting engaged to her, but since she’s married it’s hard)

0332 Skill

Skilling with the help of the TV (but the points are actually from becoming BFFs with Filippa)

0333 Skill

Skilling with the help of books – and by now he’s lost interest in Filippa

0334 skill

Skilling with the help of household chores

0335 SKill

Then repeat

0336 Job

J68 getting bored of skilling getting Christer a job in his LTW career of Crime

0337 Skill

Then repeat

0338 Score

Extremely boring, and not so good score either. J68 starts to become fed up with Knowledge sims…

Tags: belladonna wishes, gieke

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