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Belladonna Wishes - Week 1 - Gerdskär

The Gerdskärs are an elderly couple, both Knowledgers. They are original playables, as the readers might know.

0306 Gerdskär

Herbert Gerdskär, Knowledge
Filippa Gerdskär, Knowledge

0307 Drama

There has been some drama off-screen lately, where Filippa has been involved with their neighbour Christer Gieke, who stalks them while trying to reconnect. Herbert would love to see a ghost, preferably the ghost of Christer

0308 Knowledge

Filippa shows no wishes for Christer, and not for Herbert either, just for Knowledge

0309 Love elixir

And to buy a love elixir. Strange wish, no sim has ever wished for that before as far as I can remember

0310 Skill
0311 Skill
0312 Skill
0313 Skill
0314 Skill
0315 Skill

Skill, skill, skill, skill, alone or together

0316 Skill
0317 Skill
0318 Skill
0319 Skill

Skill, skill, skill, skill, with friends present, or without.

0320 Meal
0321 Meal

And once in a while, cook a meal or eat it

0322 Skill
0323 Skill
0324 Skill

Herbert spends the weekend stuck to the piano,

0325 Blog
0326 TAlk

while filippa actually starts to wish for hobby related things like blogging or talking about Food.

0327 Score

And despite the fast that we had two Knowledge sims, we end up with a very good score. Probably because none of them work.

Tags: belladonna wishes, gerdskär

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