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Belladonna Wishes - Week 1 - Frost

Ellen Frost is the next 3xspeed townie. She finished Uni and got engaged to a dormie named Mattias while there

0256 Ellen Frost

Ellen Frost, Fortune

0257 Mattias

Mattias comes by, and we see that Ellen fooled around with another guy, too, during her Uni years. A guy who is actually her neighbour here in the row houses…
She starts off the week with wanting a bunch of jobs, but none are available.

0258 Buy

Then she continues with buy wants

0259 Date

And then a date

0260 Mattias

Mattias hangs around a lot and fulfils wishes for Ellen

0261 Pop

And it has consequences

0262 Move in

So we ask him to move in. They are engaged after all, and expect a baby together

0263 Politics

So from Thursday we have two sims on the lot, and Popularity Mattias finds a job in Politics as he wishes for.

0264 Ellen

Ellen is pretty easy to keep happy with small wishes, even though she’s pregnant

0265 Mattias
0266 Mattias
0267 Mattias

And so is Mattias

0268 Babytime

Then it’s babytime

0269 Mattias Jr

On Saturday, Mattias Jr is born. Another boy!

0270 Small

Then life continues with small wishes fulfilled

0271 Surprise

And a small surprise

0272 Nothing

But the small intervention doesn’t mean anything to Ellen. She’s happy with the father of her son

0273 Happy

Very happy! And for next week they will probably need a bigger house

0274 Score

Good score! To be picky, we really had 100%, since Mattias wasn’t there all week. It was very easy to fullfil wishes for these two, since they rolled one small wish after another. Mattias Jr is still a baby, so no wishes for him

Tags: belladonna wishes, frost, törnblad

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