j68_challenges (j68_challenges) wrote,

Belladonna Wishes - Week 1 - Fresk

Tom Fresk is one of those 3xspeed townies. He succeeded in completing college despite the abuse.

0236 Tom Fresk

Tom Fresk, Fortune


0237 Wishes

Tom likes the pizza delivery girl Katja. His neighbour Josefin Larsson waits to greet him. Tom has pretty typical wishes for a Fortune starter. In addition to the two jobs he wishes for, his LTW is to become a Criminal Mastermind

0238 No job

No jobs available

0239 Katja
0240 Katja
0241 Katja

Instead he spends time with Katja, and the first day passes with Tom able to check off five wishes

0242 Novel

Then he wishes to write a great novel, and the wish doesn’t go away for days. And as we all know it takes forever to finish a novel, why we cannot get any, or at least very few, wishes in for days

0243 Jonas

The other small wishes he gets in are related to chatting up the neighbours

0244 Sandwich

Eating sandwiches

0245 Rope

And jumping rope

0246 Con Artist

After some days, he finds his dream job in the Criminal career

0247 Josefin
0248 Josefin
0249 Josefin

And he starts spending time with Josefin and her brother Jonas

0250 Random0251 Success

0252 Quit

Finally the book is finished, and it is a success. And naturally Tom wants to quit his job to be a fulltime writer

0253 TV

But he spends his time in his fancy chair watching his fancy TV, and eventually he runs out of money

0254 Con Artist

And by Sunday he’s back in his criminal career.

0255 score

Tom’s score was pretty decent, except for the days when all he wanted to do was write his novel and buy too expensive stuff. Maybe we’ll have more action elsewhere

Tags: belladonna wishes, fresk

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