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Belladonna Wishes - Week 1 - Djurström

The Djurström family is incredibly rich and probably incredibly spoiled. They live in a gigantic apartment in Belladonna Cove. During an ancient play session, Alvar courted and married his wife Kim and they are now expecting.

0204 Djurström

Alvar Djurström, Family
Kim Djurström, Knowledge
Tove Djurström, Knowledge
Sambo, the dog


0206 Games
0207 Games

The computer is a much loved item in this house. All three members of the Djurström family uses it on a regular basis

0208 Dog

Alvar wants to play with the dog, but Sambo doesn’t let him

0209 Guinea

So he plays with the guinea pig instead

0210 Bird

And buys a bird

0211 Tove

Tove starts out the week with cooking pancakes

0212 Tove

And goes downtown to shop a phone

0213 Babytime


0214 Niclas

It’s a boy, and he gets the name Niclas after Alvar’s father.

0215 Chess
0216 Chess
0217 Chess

The family gets a lot of wishes in through playing chess

0218 Chat
0219 Chat
0220 Tickle

And by interacting with each other, but it’s not enough for the Knowledge ladies. They are incredibly hard to satisfy

0221 Birthday

Soon it is Niclas’ birthday and we’ll have another sim to satisfy…

0222 Walk
0223 Talk
0224 Potty
0225 Niclas

It works with about one wish a day…

0225 Snow day

Friday, Tove, the Knowledge sim who wants to go to Uni and will be an adult soon, gets a snow day. Looking at her grades she will really need it…

0226 Work

She works all day but still cannot finish her pile. Question is if she’ll be able to finish it over the weekend and still have time to go to Uni next Monday. We’ll see, she really has a problem with her fun level…

0227 Juan
0228 Juan

But at the moment she has found someone to entertain her. His name is Juan and he’s a friend of her stepmother’s.

0229 Birthday
0230 Niclas

Then it’s Niclas’ birthday, and he becomes much easier to handle

0231 Paint
0232 Paint

He’s quite an artist

0233 Sales

And quite a business man

0234 Private

And his mother is happy to get him into private school

0235 Score

All in all it was a pretty lousy week, especially for the Knowledge sims. My experience so far is that Knowledge sims are not built for five-wishes challenges – heir wishes are often too time consuming to get in five a day.



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Mar. 6th, 2014 08:21 pm (UTC)
Ah, cliffhanger. Will Tove get her grades up enough for Uni or not?? ;) I think you're probably right on the knowledge sims and their time-consuming wishes.
Mar. 7th, 2014 05:06 pm (UTC)
I have never thought of that before, that the Knowledge wishes takes so much time. It's now, in this type of challenge I noticed it. You learn something new every day! :)
May. 30th, 2014 08:36 am (UTC)
Knowledge can be a pain. A lot of the time they throw up a wish for a high level point, and then one for just a skill point of some kind. I typically try to earn that one with a low skill and then they often wish to raise that skill up a bit too. It helps until the very end. They also use the helmet a lot. I also find their aspiration reward comes in handy too. :)
May. 30th, 2014 01:59 pm (UTC)
Easy to keep happy, hard to get points for! :)
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