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Jinja Asylum - Amarcord, week 1

Jinja Asylum II
1. Tuesday

Hi, I’m your new host in this challenge called ”The Asylum”, created by SimScout.
My name is Amarcord, and I will try to succeed where my predecessor Anastacia failed. This is also another attempt of using No Influence.
Somehow I think I’m better off than Anastacia, I’ve got a group of Romance, Pleasure and Popularity Sims, while she had at least two Family.
Let’s start. The goal is my Lifetime Want – To become a Celebrity Chef.


I’m lucky! The first ad I found was for a dishwasher! And the car pool is arriving at 13.00, so I’ll have timeto study for a couple of hours.


I found when I started studying that Food is also my preferred hobby – this will be so great!
Imagine the blessing to be able to work with what you like the best – your job is your hobby!
2.Tuesday (!) Is this Groundhog day?

I was checking the webcam while at work, and it seemed like everything was calm at the Asylum (or the Cuckoos nest).

Babette (to the left) and Orfeu was playing chess. I know Babette sounds like a girl’s name, maybe that was the reason for him to come here – sexual identity crisis?
In Orfeu it seems the crisis was more a dressing issue. He looks really... eehh, ballet-like.


The critical space is of course the kitchen, but also there it was calm when I checked. Mefisto (to the left) and Kolya having a chat, nothing alarming.


At my next check, in the evening, I saw that Tsotsi, the little hottie, and Mefisto helped themselves to the sandwiches I left out for them, to lessen the risk that they start to cook by themselves.

That’s all well as long as they stay fresh, that’s my dilemma. On the other hand, I rather have them food poisoned than dead by fire.


Oops! Shouldn’t have said that! Cabiria set the stove on fire about an hour before I was home from work.

She seems to blame Pelle for it though. And Kolya is panicking, since he happened to be present.


I called the fire department, but felt I needed to get started with the fire fighting before they arrived. I don’t want anyone to get hurt already! Especially not hottie Tsotsi, panicking in the corner there.

3 Wednesday

Cabiria and Pelle kept calm while I was asleep, playing chess. The others found places to sleep as well. Hope they will be better in cooking really soon, I won’t dare to go to work otherwise! By the way, Cabiria is hot, too, in her pink appearance.


The shower broke down, so I need to study how to fix it. It was really raining today.

5 Friday

My back really hurts after a shift of washing up, I have to lie down. Today I had company while resting. Cabiria came and lied down beside me.We had a nice chat, but nothing more, I tell you.

Anyway, she looks great in her lace underwear. Nice habit she’s got to strut around like that.


Friday night we had a pizza party, just hanged around and talked about baseball.

6 Saturday

I’m sleeping with Cabiria now. SLEEPING. Only.


Went to work. First check in surveillance camera at 2.17 PM.
Camera 1: Babette and Tsotsi sleeping in the same bed. So they became friends.

Mefisto sleeping, dreaming about gambling. I believe he’s a game addict. Of course, here, the closest he gets to gambling is playing chess, so it’s good for him.

Orfeu running for the bathroom again. He’s got food poisoning still. In the background, Kolya seems to be sleeping, too.


Camera 2: Cabiria is painting, as she does as soon as her mood is good enough. That’s also good for healing, I believe.


Camera 3: Pelle is taking care of the dirty dishes, that’s fabulous! And Kolya is in bed.
I can’t believe my luck, wish it was always this calm when I’m at work! But on the other hand, there are many hours before I’ll get home...


Check no 2 at 6.43 PM.
Camera 1: Cabiria resting. Mefisto sleeping (still!). Orfeu sleeping. Noone cooking, thank you My Sim for that!


Camera 2: Pelle reading the newspaper, Kolya checking him out. They both seem to have taken a shower and gotten dressed today, that’s great!


Camera 3: Tsotsi didn’t get dressed, but she’s skilling, so it’s good. Babette... well, goal or no goal, but he’s not doing any damage, so it’s OK. All seven accounted for, great. Only three hours more of work now.


When I arrived home, they were socializing in the hallway. I should have made them dinner, but was completely wasted, so I just couldn’t.

7 Sunday

Here I’m worrying about the inmates’ cooking skills, and who burns breakfast? Me!
I guess I need to learn some myself.


A gaming person came to invite Kolya to a club. Well, he’s not going, not until (if) we’re all out of here. And that can take some time, I’ve been working a week now, without one promotion!


Went to work. Checking in at 4.20 PM.
Camera 1: Four sleeping.It’s actually really good that the inmates are active during night hours, when I’m there, and sleeping while I’m gone. Please continue like this!


Camera 2: Cabiria and Babette seem to be hungry. Hope they’re not up to bad cooking!


Camera 3: Pelle at the chess table. No immediate danger there.


At last a promotion! I was starting to die from boredom there. I got a little raise, but the best part is that it’s 4 hours shorter working time, now when I work as a Drive-Through Clerk!

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