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Belladonna Wishes - Week 1 - Delarosa

Florence Delarosa is a known sim, who lives in Bluewater and has a home business selling flowers. Her lot starts on Wednesday

0189 Florence

Florence Delarosa, Knowledge

0190 No job

All the first day she only wishes for different jobs that are not available, so she doesn’t get any wishes in at all, but works her shop instead.

0191 No job

Next day – still no job, but new wishes – for skill points!

0192 Cooking
0193 Cooking
0194 Cooking
0195 Cooking

So she spends the day skilling and starts to learn cooking, both in theory and practice

0196 Cooking
0197 Cooking

Friday starts out the same, but it starts to be slow, since every point takes longer than the one before.

0198 Logic

And at last a small change when she wishes for Logic points

0199 Cooking

Saturday there is only cooking that counts

0200 Logic

Sunday starts with logic

0201 Cleaning

And continues with something new – Cleaning! And she finds that her true hobby is Nature

0202 Cleaning

And we leave Florence Delarosa, incredibly boring Knowledge sim, the same as we found her – skilling

0203 score

Skilling makes Florence happy, but it takes too much time – she could only get five wishes in a couple of times.

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