j68_challenges (j68_challenges) wrote,

Belladonna Wishes - Week 1 - Collert

By some strange reason, this lot is called Collert, even though the only member is named Collin – Julian Collin

0175 Collin

Julian Collin, Popularity

0176 Downtown
0177 People

As a single Popularity sim, Julian goes downtown to meet some people, and by chatting them up he gets his wishes in.

0178 Peek

Tuesday is spent skilling, and/or peeking at the neighbours

0179 Food
0180 People

Julian lives on the top floor of the apartment building, and it’s hard to take photos here, it becomes strange angles.

0181 Tyra
0182 Tyra
0183 Tyra

The bartender Julian met Monday, Tyra Melander, has become the center around which Julian’s wishes revolve mid-week

0184 Tyra
0185 BF
0186 Gift

And so it continues

0187 Visit

Until Sunday, when he gets promoted to Waiter and has a wish to visit his neighbour Herbert

0188 Score

Julian was very easy to fulfill wishes for – especially since Tyra was available every time he wished to interact with her.

Tags: belladonna wishes, collert, collin

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