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Belladonna Wishes - Week 1 - Clintånger

This is an original playable family, or actually two. Björn and Vivianne have both lost their spouses and have one daughter each, and now they are married and lives at the lot “Clintånger”, even though nearly the whole family is called Rörstedt.

0127 Clintånger

Vivanne Rörstedt, Family
Björn Rörstedt, Knowledge
Alex Clintånger
Sally Rörstedt

0128 History

The history of the family in eight pictures

0129 Play
0130 Play

Sally is an active girl and likes to play on the playground right outside the apartment building

0131 Björn

Björn likes to skill. He wishes for a job in journalism and hopes for another child

0132 Vivianne
0133 Rosada

Vivianne also hopes for another child, but she’s getting older, so we’ll see. She likes to spend time with the parrot Rosada

0134 School

Björn finds a job in the Journalism career, as a School Yearbook Editor

0135 Chat

Sally chats with the neighbours

0136 Serve
0137 Chat

Vivianne likes to serve food for her friends and family and to entertain the neighbours

0138 Chat
0139 Chat

Björn and Vivianne often have the same wishes, so they can be fulfilled simultaneously. Very convenient!

0140 Meal

Björn often wishes to learn to cook a certain dish and then gets another wish in by eating it.

0141 Alex

Alex, who is the only one named Clintånger still, is pretty calm and likes to learn things from books.

0142 Friends

But sometimes she likes to spend time with friends

0143 Jump
0144 Play

Running, jumping Sally…

0145 No baby

Vivianne still wishes for another baby, but she’s too old, so we have unlocked the wish

0146 Serve

But it hangs on until the day she becomes an elder

0147 Small
0148 Small
0149 Small
0150 Small

This family lives on small wishes

0151 Skill
0152 Skill

And once in a while a skill point

0153 Teen

Then Alex grows up to teen and chooses the Pleasure aspiration

0154 Phone

Pleasure teens need phones

0155 Party

And parties

0156 Workout
0157 Workout

Then Björn starts a workout routine and gets stuck on the workout machine for days, when he just continues to wish for body points.

0158 Date
0159 Date

Alex wishes for a date, and since she doesn’t know any boys her own age, she calls the matchmaker

0160 Komei

Komei is a perfect match for Alex, and she gets very easy to satisfy the rest of the week

0161 Homework
0162 Homework

Sally is still a child, who likes to learn how to study

0163 Date

The girls get a snowday and Alex takes the opportunity to date Komei again

0164 Serious

They are really serious about this relationship

0165 Serious

Really serious…

0166 Chess
0167 Chess

Sally has found a new hobby

0168 Elder

Vivianne grows up well to elder

0169 Chat
0170 Chat
0171 Chat

And the family continues to check off wishes by being sociable with each other and the neighbours

0172 Ex parrot

Vivianne: ”This is an ex parrot”

0173 Love

And as a last picture, we have real love between Alex and Komei!

0174 Score

As an average it was a good week at the Clintånger family. Björn was a bit tricky sometimes, when he only wished for high level skill points, but most of the times the whole family had a lot of small wishes that were easy to fulfill. And when Alex met Komei, she was very easy!

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