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Belladonna Wishes - Week 1 - Carhagen

This is an original playable family in Belladonna, and they were included in my earlier tries. Their week start on Friday

0093 Carhagen

Bruno Carhagen, Fortune
Maria Carhagen, Fortune
Calle Carhagen, Popularity

Historical pictures:

0094 History

0095 Skills

The week starts off Friday evening with skill wishes for Maria

0096 Sandwich

Calle is happy to eat a sandwich, but then his wishes are harder.

0097 Money
0098 Chess
0099 Chess

Bruno wants to make money and play chess

0100 Skill
0101 Skill
0102 Skill

Saturday and Sunday continues with the same type of wishes, and the family is incredibly boring

0103 GC

Wow, Maria wished to serve a meal – that’s new!

0104 Money
0105 Chess

Bruno walks between the computer and the chess board

0106 Gabriella
0107 Gabriells

The only one rolling wants for interactions with other sims is Calle, but he’s not very in to it either.

0108 Score

This family was incredibly hard to satisfy, and none of them ever had any wishes invloving each other. The total result was a very meager 4,76%, however over only three days. It felt long enough, though…

Tags: belladonna wishes, carhagen

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