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Belladonna Wishes - Week 1 - Blyger

Marita Blyger is a playable student I ran through college on 3xspeed. Now she has settled in Belladonna Cove.

0056 Blyger

Marita Blyger, Knowledge

Maybe we should start with informing the audience that this hood is equipped with ACR and Risky woohoo…

0057 Pregnant

The first thing that happens when Marita settles in her tiny row house apartment is that she runs for the toilet, and we realize that she’s pregnant.
The SimGodess knows who the father is, but we’ll see if Marita wants to have anything to do with him…

0058 Maid

First things first, though – Marita doesn’t want to clean her own toilet and hires a maid.

0059 Dance

Then she wishes for a job in the Medical career, but since her LTW is to become a Worldclass Ballet Dancer, we take the opportunity to put her in that career instead. The LTW is also a wish, right?
Then she wishes for a piano.

0060 Piano

She puts it to good use.

0061 Sven
0062 Sven
0063 Sven

Monday evening she gets called out to an outing with Sven Hunicke, and they end up at her place, which is not big enough even for a double bed.

0064 Blog

Tuesday, Marita is back at her computer, blogging about Music&Dance

0065 Pop

And we have the first pop.

0066 Love

By then Marita starts to roll wishes regarding Sven, and we have love

0067 Engage

She also wishes to be engaged to him. As the readers might have figured out by now, Sven is the father of Marita’s expected baby.

0068 Move in

The SimGodess takes the liberty to assume that the engagement wish is equal to a wish to move Sven in (since there are no such wishes in S2), and so he does, early Thursday, so now we have two sims on this lot.

0069 Architect

Sven is a Family sim, and wants a job in the Architect career. He finds a job as Manager for the Construction Company. Good job Sven!

0070 Marriage

Now when he has moved in, Marita wishes to marry Sven, so they get married, and Sven is now also called Blyger.

0071 Flirt

Sven loves his pregnant wife very much, and he also looks forward to the baby to come

0072 Cooking

As a true Family sim, Sven wants to learn cooking

0073 Babytime

And just as it’s time for Sven to leave for his first day of work, still on Thursday, it’s time for the baby

0074 Sven Jr

It’s a boy, and he gets the name Sven, after his father.

0075 Demoted

The older Sven has bad luck with his job and gets demoted to Foreman

0076 Ellen

Thursday is a good day, and Marita gets her last wish in by talking to her college friend, and now neighbour, Ellen Frost.

0077 Promotion

Friday, both Marita and Sven are promoted, but Sven is not happy.

0078 Sven

He gets happier when he can arrange a birthday party for Sven Jr.

0079 Toddler

Now he wants another baby, and he wants to woohoo to get it.
Friday is a good day when the whole family gets their wishes, even Sven Jr, who just grew up.

0080 Tickle

Saturday starts off great too.

0081 Potty
0082 Peekaboo

At least for father and son.

0083 Pregnant

The mother finds herself nearly having a miscarriage and has to prioritize rest before her effort-demanding wishes.

0084 Talk
0085 Sing

Sven and Sven continues the training and Junior learns both talking and singing on Saturday

0086 Tickle
0087 Tickle
0088 Read

By Sunday, Marita feels better, and can get some wishes in both for herself and Junior.

0089 Cooking
0090 Eating

Sven is back to Cooking studies and makes use of what he learned.

0091 Walk

And as a last picture we give you Sven Junior, fully trained, when he now walks too.
For next week, the family will move to a bigger house, so they might have a bedroom with a double bed and another for Sven and the baby.

0092 Result

The total score for the Blyger family week 1 is 61,9%. (The non-valid days for Sven and Sven included)
They were all pretty easy to handle, except Marita when she was pregnant and had high level skill wishes only.

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