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Belladonna Wishes - Week 1 - Bergros

I’ve been playing around a bit with Belladonna Cove in the past – even attempted a small unorganized Wishful Thinking, but mostly sending random townie teens through Uni, since it amuses me to send them there and see if they make it on their own in 3xspeed. I do it as entertainment between my serious Mattsmyra and Birka challenges.

Now I have reached the point that I would like to know what happened with all these abused and misused sims, and a wish-driven society seemed to be the way to go. Therefor, I have decided to give the Wishful Thinking challenge a go with my Belladonna Cove, just as it is right now.

To get it more organized I decided to play all families in alphabethical order – on the name that is presented on the hood screen – which as all simmers know, not necessarily means that there are any sims at all on that lot with the lot name, just that it were at some point.

There will also be a mix of Uni, Bluewater and Belladonna families on the playlist. And if the lot starts on Wednesday it will only be played for a few days, until Sunday is up.

So – First family out – Bergros

0001 Bergros

This is an original playable family and I remember that I played them before. The family consists of
Benjamin Bergros, Popularity
Isabelle Bergros, Family
Sofia Bergros, Family
Marcus Bergros
Oscar Bergros
Ida Bergros

Look - I even found some pictures from a past play session, in July 2012…

0002 History

The kids that existed from the beginning were named Sofia and Marcus, like a couple of my workmates, so when the twins arrived, I named them Oscar and Ida, after another couple of workmates.
Now for this week:

0003 Tickling
0004 Isabelle
0005 Couple

Benjamin is a Popularity sim and Isabell Family. That makes it pretty easy to keep them happy, just with interactions with their family.

0006 MArcus
0007 Marcus

Marcus was easy on Monday, wishing for skipping ropes and to play with the family dog Dafne

0008 Sofia
0009 Sofia
0010 Sofia

Sofia, who is family like her mother, spent time with her reluctant boyfriend Steve and met many of her wishes that way

0011 Sofia

The apartment building where they live has a fantastic hot tub area and Sofia takes Steve there to use him as she see fit…

0012 Benjamin

Benjamin even gets a promotion, to  City Council

0013 Oscar
0014 OScar

The toddlers are hard to keep happy – their wants usually require some effort, except when they wish for tickling from one or other parent

0015 Oscar

Tuesday starts with a big one for Oscar though, when he learns to talk.

0016 Sofia
0017 Sofia

Sofia has a rough time for a while, when she’s stuck with the wish to go steady with Steve and he shoots her down every time

0018 Marcus

Then it’s Marcus’ birthday. He chooses the Family aspiration too

0019 Oscar

Wednesday continues with small success for Oscar, and in the end he’s the only one to get his wishes in that day.

0020 Marcus
0021 Marcus
0022 Marcus

As all Family teens, Marcus moves fast and soon has a steady girlfriend, but despite that he doesn’t reach 5 wishes on Wednesday

0023 Benjamin
0024 Growing up
0025 Growing up

Wednesday is growing up-day

0026 Oscar
0027 Ida

Oscar and Ida grow up well

0028 Ida

And as children, especially Ida is easier to keep happy

0029 Family

Thursday continues with family interactions. The family gets really tight this way.

0030 Sofia

Even the family dog, Dafne, gets quite a lot of attention – especially the Family sims Isabell, Sofia and Marcus likes to teach her things and praise her. We see that Sofia still hasn’t succeeded in getting Steve to go steady with her

0031 Marcus

Marcus’ girlfriend is back, and we find that her name is Laura. She’s probably the future Mrs Bergros

0032 Friend

Benjamin, being Popularity, loves making new friends

0033 Art

Then we have a period of art achievements

0034 Homework
0035 Homework

Marcus and Sofia spends some time teaching Oscar and Ida how to study.

0036 Steve
0037 No

Sofia tries desperately to get Steve to go steady. He’s receptiive enough to her advances, but going steady – NO WAY! She’s been trying this all week!!

0038 Yes

But FINALLY, late Friday evening, she has worn him down enough to make him accept her proposal, and finally we can roll some new wishes for Sofia!

0039 Skills

Then Sofia starts to wish for high level skill points, which makes it take forever.

0040 Marcus

In the meantime, Marcus checks off one wish after another with Laura.

0041 Beyond

They even go beyond expressed wishes...

0042 Ida
0043 Ida
0044 Oscar

If you ever want to try a five-wishes challenge, buy your sim kids a dog! They fulfill wishes all the time!

0045 Friends
0045 Oscar

It usually works better than sim friends

0046 Isabell elder

Saturday is the most sucessful day of the week, and the only day where nearly all the sims in the family gets their five wishes in. It also sees Isabell grow up very well to elder.

0047 Dafne
0048 Dafne
0049 Dafne

Sunday is more or less a repetition of the other days. Dafne gets a lot of attention

0050 Friend
0051 Play
0052 Interaction

Interactions with family and friends are had

0053 Skill
0054 Skill

And we finish off the week with some skill points.

This family is really too big for a simmer to keep happy. Not a single day way full points, but on the other hand, no day was totally lost either.

0055 Score

The total score for the Bergros family week 1 is 45,2%.
Isabell, Family mom, was the easiest to keep happy, just with interactions with her family, while the two youngest, who started out as toddlers, were hardest.

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