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ISBI Modig Generation 6 - Pernilla part 2

Generation 1 - Yvonne
Generation 2 - Johan
Generation 3 - Malin
Generation 4 - Eva
Generation 5.1 - Anna-Lena

Generation 5.2 - Anna-Lena
Generation 5.3 - Anna-Lena
Generation 6.1 - Pernilla

0539 No job

While returning home, Pernilla starts to look for her dreamjob in music. There is none available. Not that it’s needed for the money, but anyway.
This will not be a full week, since Pernilla arrives home on Wednesday

0540 Håkan date

So she invites Hanna’s father Håkan on a date and we find that he’s a Knowledge sim. A Knowledge sim would make a perfect ISBI spouse in a ghost haunted house...

0541 Håkan moves in

So she asks him to move in, not to have him in uni all his life. And we do want a bit of a challenge, don’t we?

0542 BF
0543 Hanna walks
0544 Hanna talks

Pernilla takes the time to teach Hanna her skills and to simply hang out with her, as she couldn’t do in college.

0545 h birth

And soon it is her birthday

0546 h ch

Since she learned some stuff she grows up well, and on Friday night so we don’t need to deal with homework for a while J

0547 Cafe sound

That night, Pernilla finds her desired job in Music as a Cafe Sound Technician. Håkan wants very much to use the computer.

0548 Science

When he gets to the computer, he finds that his true hobby is Science, so now we know where Hanna got the interest from

0549 Swimming

Hanna seems to be an active child and spends some time gaining body points in the pool. Good girl!

0550 Starving

As soon as Pernilla goes for her first day of work, the ISBI challenge shows its face and the remaining sims start to starve

0551 Eva cooks

Pernilla's grandmother Eva has been an ISBI sim for a long time, though, so she’s able to cook for herself and the other ISBIs.

0552 Eva dies

But not anymore! Instead we will have another ancestor ghost in the yard. It will be fun!

0553 GAther

Her family gathers to see her off to her Platinum grave

0554 Logic

Once again Hanna shows her value as an ISBI kid by doing something useful

0555 Greet

And she greets her mother when she arrives home promoted to Music Teacher at summer camp

0556 Creativity

Sunday is spent skilling on Hanna’s part

0557 College guys

And dating college guys on Pernilla’s.

Next time - more ISBI stuff
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