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3.7 Motvalls - A Sims 3 Legacy/Completion Challenge

Last time, we followed Towa Motvalls single life and added 14 points to our completion Challenge.

0647 Grocery Clerk

We start this week with the heir Mikael getting a part time job as a Grocery Store Clerk.
We have also installed Generations

0648 Gillian dies

Then comes the moment we have suspect would be near – Gillian dies in the garden of the legacy home, by the pool house.

0649 Maria cries

Gillian is ready to go, but her granddaughter Maria is devastated
Gillian was our generation 2 spouse and she didn’t achieve very much. She gave us a few points though.
Legacy Points: Unique LTW fulfilled (Chess Master), Portrait and 100.000 aspiration points  - total 3 p
Completion points:
Traits – Couch Potato, Party Animal, Unflirty -  3p
TOC – Law Enforcement, Forensics – 1p
LTW – Chess Master – 1p
Skills: Logic – Grand Master – 1p
Total completion points: 6

0650 Funeral

A formal wear funeral is arranged, but the insane widower Karl wears swim trunks and his inappropriate daughter Eva wears everyday clothes.

0651 Dancing

Patrick Bunch thinks it’s a great party. And it is. For the first time in a very long time, we manage to arrange a party without anyone dying.

0652 Science

Theodor, Eva’s husband, wishes for a job in Science and he gets one.

0653 Mikael adult

Mikael went to a ball game to console himself after his grandmother’s passing. It really doesn’t work

0654 Painting

Karl uses his easel to paint away the pain of losing his wife.

0655 Karl dies

But before he has recovered from his loss, less than two days after Gillian, Karl dies too, coming right out of the police station

0656 Goes

He’s very ready, too, being pretty exactly 100 days old.
Karl achieved the following for our challenges:
Legacy Points – Generation 2 heir, Unique LTW (Illustrious Author), Portrait, 100.000 aspiration points – total 4p
Completion points:
Traits – Athletic, Evil, Insane – 3p
TOC – Law Enforcement, Special Agent – 1p
LTW – Illustrious Author – 1p
Skills – Athletics Body Builder, Athletics Fitness Nut, Painting Proficient Painter, Painting Master Painter – 4p
Misc – Have a Funeral – 1p
Total Completion points 10

0657 Pick up

Anders, who is now the head of the Motvalls family, goes to the police station to pick up his father’s headstone.

0658 Trouble

The first sign of Generations is seen when Maria skips work to attend her grandfather’s funeral, which is combined with her own birthday party. It’s her inappropriate aunt that thinks that such a combination is a good idea.
Eva gives Maria a yelling for skipping work.

0659 Birthday
0660 Never Nude

Maria grows up and develops the trait of being Never Nude

0661 Dies

And we’re back to our tradition with guests dying when we have a party. It’s Jeremey Kennedy, Anders’ aunt Anna’s everlasting live-in boyfriend. Seems he didn’t like the party either.

0662 PAtrick

Patrick Bunch, who danced on the counter last funeral, finds Maria hot. We’ll see where that leads.

0663 Science

Maria has had the LTW of becoming a Cyborg Crossbreeder since she was a child, so she quits her job at the bookstore and starts working with Theodor at the Science Facility instead.

0664 Buy library

With the inheritance money, Anders decides to buy the local library.

0666 Solitude

The library is a perfect place for Anders to read up on his Logic skill and read research studies for his job as a doctor. It's way too crowded at home

0665 Theodor one star
0667 Theodore 2 star

The paparazzi have realized that Theodor has come to stay in the Motvalls family and his fame rises rapidly

0668 Time out

Mikael skips work (I think) and gets punished with a time out. Haha, imagine giving a 17-year-old a timeout like that

0669 Field

Then we get a message that Mikael’s class is going on a field trip and do we want to sign that he’s allowed to come? OK, why not?
So, the school bus comes to school in the middle of the day and takes all the kids to the cemetery. I guess the grey man is their teacher. And remember the girl with poor fashion sense. Her name is Ada.

0670 Hah

Mr Grey: “Put that skull down, Mikael”
J68: “Hahaha!”

0671 Souvenir

After the study tour, Mikael takes a taxi to work. He got a creepy poster as a souvenir from the visit. Tonight after work it’s time for the prom!

0672 Prank

By the time Mikael went to the prom, in his everyday clothes (apparently they need to dress up at home, it didn’t happen automatically), we get an explanation why there has been a red light flashing in the shower lately
Anders: “Huh?”

0673 Gaah

“Gaahh! Pink hair!”
Then he gets back into the shower and the clour wears off immediately. Pity, would have been fun if he had to go to work like that J

0674 Prom

During the time Mikael is at the prom, message windows are popping up one after another
“Mikael hopes they’ll play his favourite song”
“The decorations really make Mikael feel like being under the sea”
“Ada has served Mikael punch all evening and he is smitten by her attention to details”
And at the end of the evening, Mikael and Ada have a crush. And at the same time he’s very happy that his prank was a success. So now we know who it was… He did it completely automonously

0675 Prom king

He is also elected Prom King and when he gets home he puts his prom picture and the crown on his chest of drawers.

0676 Schmoozer

Next thing we know, he grows up alone in the bathroom and develops the trait of Schmoozer. He immediately goes to the office building and accepts a job as paper boy, since he's had the LTW of becoming a Star News Anchor since he was a child.

0677 Tips

Meanwhile, the rest of the family actually have lives too. Eva plays for tips outside the diner.

0678 Cheater

She has done something naughty when I was not looking, because she has gained a reputation as Cheater and Theodor is furious and refuses to talk to her or share her bed.

0679 Graduare

Let’s do a graduation instead. It’s stange that this is done when the sims are already adults

0680 Graduate

We send both Maria and Mikael at the same time

0681 Diploma
0682 Diploma

Diploma waving ensues and they both get a positive moodlet for graduating – for 10 days!
Maria was even selected to do the speech and has a positive moodlet for that. There’s a very hot guy graduating at the same time.
And in the background, Eva tries to get back on track with Theodor. I really don’t know what she did – maybe she flirted with the repairman, because the fallout happened when there was one on the lot.

0683 Lisa

Meanwhile, Anders accepts a date with Lisa Bunch and they autonomously kiss each other. Anders, too, has a positive moodlet from the graduation

0684 One star

Mikael has been an anonymous guy while growing up, but now he finally earns one star.

0685 Betrayed

Theodor has started talking to Eva again, but has a Betrayed moodlet still for 4 days.

0686 Offended

And he’s very easily offended. Eva has started to wish for a baby, but that will probably not happen the next few days…


A lot of work lies ahead of you, Eva…


Here we see the generation 4 heir Mikael Motvalls. He actually looks a bit like his great-grandfather, but the slanted eyes and the colours – dark skin, yellow eyes and red hair -  are completely gone
Mikael’s colours are instead very light, even though his skin has a reddish tone

0691 Ada

Mikael’s prom date Ada has grown up, too, a day or so after Mikael, and he starts courting her. He invites her to the stables just next door to the Motvalls house

0692 Aries

He finds out that she’s an Aries and they are compatible

0693 Kiss

Moving fast, he also finds out that Ada is a good kisser

0694 Contest

They attend the horse contest going on

0695 Stars

They end their date on the lawn of Ada’s house looking at the stars and Mikael is invited to stay over

0696 Creepy

The next morning she’s acting all strange and doesn’t want to interact with Mikael at all, so he goes home. J68 realizes that if she ever becomes Mrs Motvalls, her hair needs to change. At the moment she’s way too similar to Eva

0697 Eva

Eva, who still works to repair hers and Theodor’s relationship. Sometimes it works

0698 Flowers
0699 Not

And sometimes not…

Next time - we do not know, since it hasn't been played. Will Anders and Lisa start a serious relationship? Will Mikael and Ada got married? Will Eva and Theodor ever get back on track and have the baby Eva wishes for? Will Maria get any screen time at all?
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