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3.6 Motvalls - A Sims 3 Legacy/Completion Challenge

Last time, Anders dated but did not like it. Towa moved out. Eva and Theodor got married after two failed attempts, and Karl's siblings Lars and Anna died. And of course we had deaths at every party.

0602 Towa Bridgeport

Once divorced, once widowed and now single with a fulfilled LTW of being a Gold Digger, Towa Motvalls moves to Bridgeport to accomplish something for herself.
She moves into a high rise building and she will be played according to her own wishes.

Hopefully she will fulfil some Completion points on the way.

0603 Garden

There is a small green area outside her building, and she starts a garden there. She’s pretty famous by now, or maybe infamous. 4 stars!

0604 Logic

She gets an opportunity to convince Diana Jones on the advantages of Logic

0605 Fishing

Then she goes fishing. She wished for it, and she needs fertilizer for her plants anyway

0606 Library

She enjoys the solitude of the local library

0607 Nightclub

She checks out the nightlife

0608 Workout

And for the first time in her perfectly fit life she work out, since she’s got an opportunity to earn more fame if she works out for four hours.

0609 Not easy

It’s not so easy

0610 Produce

She delivers some produce from her city garden to the restaurant

0611 Workout
0612 Workout

Then she tries out other ways to work out.

0613 Garden

More gardening

0614 Collecting

Some seed collecting

0615 Birthday

And suddenly…

0616 Elder

… she’s an elder!

0617 Tom Wordy

She meets up with Tom Wordy, who she met at the nightclub, to give him some excellent produce. Then she spends her time gardening and fishing again. She’s really boring these days!

0618 Mvoe

At last we decide that it’s better for her to live in her own house, to concentrate on her gardening and not spending her time in the elevator all the time.

0619 Garden
0620 Unique

A new garden is planted, including unknown, unique seeds.

0621 Truck

She doesn’t even have to cook. And ice cream truck parks right outside her door at 1 pm every day!

0622 Recepies

Then we concentrate on reading recepies, to combine gardening and cooking

0623 Menu master

And soon she’s a Menu Master, knowing at least 28 recepies

0624 Tom

The only person she keeps in touch with is Tom Wordy. She is a Loner after all.

0625 Deliver

Otherwise she fulfils opportunities to deliver produce to different receptors

0626 Master farmer

And eventually she’s reaching the Master Farmer status.

0627 Seeds

What remains now is to plant all 31 types of plants, so she’s collecting seeds all the time.

0628 Plant

Collect- plant- harvest, all the time

0629 All seeds

And eventually – she has planted every type of seed and is a Master Planter

0630 Botanical boss

And shortly after that it’s clear that she’s a Botanical Boss, since she harvested enough perfect produce. Very effective!

0631 Rock collecting

Moving on to rock collecting!

0632 5 stars

And earning 5 stars celebrity status!

0633 Dies

One night when she goes to a nightclub, she feels a tingling sensation

0634 time up

And her time is up!

0635 death flower

Or not. She presents the grim Reaper with a Deathflower

0636 Dance

And continues to dance, only 74 again! Jeez, what are we going to do with her for another 20-30 days?!

0637 Celebrity

1 p for being a Celebrity, acquainted to 25 local sims

0638 etal detector

1 p for Metal Detector

0638 stone

1 p each for Gem Collector and Amateur Rock Collector

0639 Produce

Continue to deliver produce to the locals – in this case Life fruit

0640 Matthew

Wow, an attraction!
Matthew Hamming is very well known to the SimGodess. Every Simself ever placed in Bridgeport ends up involved with him. Does that mean that Golddigger Towa and the SimGodess are similar…?

0641 Rock

Rock collecting continues

0642 House

Then we decide that Towa has way too much money and move her to another house

0643 Gnomes

Behold the gnome collection, earning us another point towards Completion!

0644 Guitar

The perpetual Towa moves on, and the SimGodess is running out of ideas to fill her days, so she’s jamming with a promising upcoming artist

0645 Dying

But then, it’s time to go

0646 Finished

And Towa is ready. She has lived a very long, fulfilled life and gets a nice high rise headstone. She also gave the SimGodess a lot of completion points:

LTW: Gold Digger 1p
Traits: Book Worm, Green Thumb, Slob 3 p
Charisma-Celebrity 1p
Collecting - Gem Collector, Metal Collector, Amateur Rock Finder 3p
Cooking – Menu Maven 1p
Gardening – Master Planter, Botanical Boss, Master Farmer, Plant All 31 4p
Miscellaneous – Own a Mysterious Mr Gnome 1p
Total: 14 points

Legacy points: Unique LTW, Portrait, 100.000 aspiration points - 3 p

Next time: Back to the original house
Tags: completion challenge, motvalls legacy, sims 3

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