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3.5 Motvalls - A Sims 3 Legacy/Completion Challenge

Last time, Maria grew up to teen and Anders to adult. Towa and Claes started a relationship and eventually got married, leaving Anders betrayed. Maria started working part time in the bookstore. The heir Mikael grew up to teen and could not choose the family trait of Snob. Ghost Claes died for good and of course we had deaths at every birthday party.

0558 No friends

The week starts off with Gillian and Maria resenting each other. It’s probably some teen revolt from Maria’s side.
Her grandmother is the only one trying to bring her up, since her own mother is busy courting the ghost of the founder and her father being a heartbroken loner

0559 Izabella

Maria’s father Anders at least tries to repair his broken heart and dates Izabella Jarnbåge. He dated her before and she’s alright, but him being a Loner who Hates the Outdoors doesn’t really help.

0560 Karl

Despite reaching his LTW, Karl, Anders’ father, continues to paint to reach some more goals in life.

0561 Towa moves

At that time it’s really past due to move Towa out. She might even get us some more points on another address. Bye Towa!

0562 Racoon

Maria has a nature experience when she watches a racoon trying to tip the trash can over

0563 Theodor

And finally aunt Eva takes the next step with her childhood sweetheart Theodor Minvind and asks him to go steady

0564 Woohoo

They celebrate by having some adult fun

0565 Strut

When it’s time for Eva to leave for work, she feels great!

0566 Family

By now we are up to four generations in the Motvalls family tree, whereof only the founder generation are passed away. However, the generation 2 children are really reaching high age by now, so we’ll see how long they will be with us.

0567 Mikael

The generation 4 heir, Mikael, has a fishing assignment in school, and he actually enjoys spending time on the beach

0568 Date

Anders continues to accept date invites occasionally

0569 Job

He really tries to show an interest, too, but it often gets awkward, like when he asks Lisa Bunch in in her police uniform what she works with

0570 Reading

He prefers to sit alone and read a book. He would prefer even more to be indoors reading a book.

0571 Lars dead

Then, late Tuesday evening, we get the message that Karl’s twin Lars passed away. Karl is of course sorry for his brother, but they drifted apart lately, so he’s not torn to pieces by his passing.

0572 Young

The future belongs to the young, and here we see the generation four representatives side by side. They are really different from each other. Maria inherited her mother Towa’s colours and Mikael jas the brown skin of the Motvalls family, which has so far been diluted for each generation. Where his blond hair comes from is still a mystery.

0573 Stalking

Despite being very old, Karl is in good shape and he is often found outside jogging. Or stalking the representatives of Sim State

0574 Eva

Generation 3 spare, Eva, is often neglected, but today we spend some time with her beloved Theodor Minvind

0575 Engagement

It’s about time to make this serious! Eva proposes to Theodor

0576 Yes

He says yes and a wedding party is promptly arranged

0577 Downhill

But from there the date starts to go downhill

0578 Cramps

Joel Irskans starts to get cramps – did he get something in his throat?

0579 Dies

And he falls down dead on the lawn.

0580 PArty pooper

Party pooper!

0581 Try

Nevertheless, Eva tries to get hold of Theodor to exchange rings with him


They just stand there looking at each other, while Towa steals the show as usual

0584 Failure

Finally everybody leaves, including Theodor, and the wedding is off. Only Eva remains…

0585 No

Someone: “Hey, Anders, I think you should get to know Towa Minvind, it’s good for your social networking”
Loner Anders: “Ehh... No.”

0586 BBQ

Next day Eva makes a new try and throws a barbecue wedding party

0587 BAd

But it’s another failure when Theodor gets in a fight with one of the guests and the others hate the party and leaves one after another

0588 Leaving

Including Theodor

0589 Anna dies

Anna Motvalls, Karl’s sister, leaves for good

0590 Bye

Bye Anna!

0591 Beg

Anna had hoped to see her niece married and does not want to go

0592 Failure

And another failed wedding party for Eva…

0593 Theodor

Eva: “Hey, the party thing might not be for us”

0594 Move in

“What do you say, do you want to move in and marry me right now?”

0595 Yes

Theodor: “Yes!”

0596 Mr Mootvalls

The new Mr Motvalls has an LTW to be a chess champion. He’s a party animal, light sleeper, easily impressed, computer wiz and Lucky. An easy going guy, basically. In Sims 2 terms he would probably be a Pleasure sim.

0597 Tree

Theodor is an only child and both his parents are still alive.

0598 100000points

Despite everything, Anders has now reached 100.000 aspiration points and we earn 1 legacy point for that.

0599 Sad

Karl, the only generation 2 left takes his sister’s death much harder than his twin’s. He’s really sorry for her.

0599 Sorrow

Anders really misses his aunt, too. They had a special connection, both being Loners.

0600 Motherinlaw

Eva meets up with her mother-in-law downtown. They haven’t met much before. Towa is apparently a celebrity in Sunset Valley

0601 Piano

And we end this week with Anders, starting to concentrate on his piano hobby. We hope to collect a few points for that when he reaches his goal of becoming a World Renowned Surgeon.

Next time, we will look in to how Towa handles her new single life (that would be the Towa that was involved in this family, the children's mother, not Theodor's mother)
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