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3.4 Motvalls - A Sims 3 Legacy/Completion Challenge

Last time, Maria grew up to child and developed a trait of absent-mindedness and decided she wants to become a cyborg cross-breeder. Karl was jogging in his formal wear and painted master pieces. The blond heir Mikael grew up to child and became a vehicle enthusiast. He decided he wants to become a News Anchor. Anders and Gillian kept off camera and Towa grew up to adult. Henrik Keaton died on the lot.

0520 Birthday

We start off the week with Maria's forgotten teenage birthday

0521 Snob
She develops the family trait of Snob

0522 Roll eyes

She is not very impressed by the celebration but instead rolls her eyes about it all

0523 Anders
0524 Birthday

Anders gets some cake for his adult birthday, but no party, since he's a loner

0525 Towa quits

Towa doesn't have time to work and keep up with the garden, so she quits

0526 Homework

Maria does her homework with class mate Cyrus Wenner

0527 No Lars

Eva has the wish to get to know her uncle Lars and tries to visit him at home, but he’s never there.

0528 Date

She gets asked out on dates pretty often. Carlton Ursine is a little bit hot.

0529 Towa Claes

Now when Towa quit her job, her and Claes spends more and more time together.


They got off on the wrong foot in the beginning of their relationship, but now they are much more friendly...

0531 Fame
0532 Indecent
0533 Romance

They get into a heated moment and the game suggests they'll keep it down. This is however completely in the line of the SimGodess's plan, so they are allowed to continue

0534 Breakup

Towa ends her relationship with Anders on Claes's suggestion

0535 Go steady
0536 Engagement
0537 Marriage

And all this scenario played out one night outside the grocery store in Sunset valley

0538 LTW

When the newly married Mrs Motvalls drives home that morning, we can see that she already fulfilled her LTW of becoming a Golddigger (see the ghost of a rich spouse), and j68 is proud to have found a way to achieve that, even though it cost both Towa and Cleas a blow to their reputation. We can also see that it has earned her some fame.

0539 Betrayed

But at home in bed lies the victim in this story, the poor generation 3 heir Anders Motvalls. We’ll have to find a way to make it up to him...

0540 Parttime

The rest of the family continues their lives like if nothing happened. Maria accepts a part time job at the book store

0541 No snob

It’s Mikael’s teen birthday and we are ready to give him his legacy trait of Snob, but it’s not available – not even visible in the list. Could it be because it’s not compatible with one of his other traits? But in that case it should be there but greyed out, right? Any suggestions would be appreciated!

0542 Hungry father

As always in this house, the birthday party turns dramatic when Towa’s father Jeremiah Ragnbom dies from hunger.

0543 Dying
0544 Red ghost

Since he’s a vampire he becomes a red ghost

0545 No baby

Now when Towa’s acheiviements can be counted, it would be great to have a ghost baby, but the house is completely full. Question now is what to do with these two?

0546 School

And what to do with Anders? He goes to school to give a lecture when his teenage kids are finishing for the day.

0547 Date

He accepts a date at the beach with Izabella Jarnbåge

0548 Date

She’s nice and all, but since he’s a Loner and hates the outdoors, he’s not over-enthusiastic

0549 Eva adult

Then it’s time for his little sister Eva to grow up to adult

0550 Hair

She grows up into some hideous hair

0551 Towa

But Towa, who is now Eva’s step-grandmother (!) looks perfect as always.

0552 Visiting

Anders seeks solitude in someone else’s house while the party goes on

0553 Talent

Mikael has started to develop his talent in painting

0554 Garden

And Towa plants a new garden, since the old one died from neglect when she was busy courting Claes.

0555 Work

Mikael gets an opportunity to work one day for the local company his greatgrandfather gave all his working life to. He's sweating already before he begun.

0556 Eva

Eva looks terrible in her adult hair and work outfit. We really need to do something about that!

0557 Claes dies

But first, Claes dies a second, final time, with only Gillian to see it.

0558 Next generation

And immediately Towa moves on to the next generation by accepting a date with Claes’ son, Karl’s brother Lars.

Next time - Towa moves out, Anders continues dating and Eva gets some loving
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