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3.3 Motvalls - A Sims 3 Legacy/Completion Challenge

Last time, Maria grew up to toddler. Mikael, the heir, was born and grew up to toddler. Karl became friends with Henrik Keaton at last. Gillian reached her LTW of becoming a Chess Master. Eva resurrected her grandfather Claes, the legacy founder, who became a playable ghost and tried to befriend Towa, generation 3 spouse. Karl and Gillian became elders. All birthdays were combined with guests dying. Karl reached his LTW of becoming an Illustrious Author.

0489 Eva Theodor

We start this week with Eva Motvalls, generation 3 spare, flirting with her longtime boyfriend Theodor Minvind.
The house is so full that she couldn’t marry him even if she wanted to.

0490 Maria birthday

It’s Maria’s birthday. Her great-grandfather Claes takes her to the cake

0491 Absent

And this unfortunate girl acquire the trait of absentmindedness on top of being cranky and slobby.

0492 Two stars

Nevertheless, with her new stage she becomes more famous and is now a two-star celebrity.

0493 Towa portrait

Karl finishes the portrait of Towa, Anders’ wife and Maria’s and Mikael’s mother

0494 LEvel 7

Towa herself works in her garden and reaches level 7 in proficiency. But mostly this picture is to show off her perfect body! She never works out, but still has that fantastic shape – just like some RL people in everybody’s life.

0495 Eva Lars

Uncle Lars comes by, and we find that Eva doesn’t know him yet but has to impress him since he’s a celebrity

0496 Success

On the other hand, so is she, and they soon find each other.

0497 Two stars

On her way to listen to Argyle Sinclair, Eva happens to see a falcon on the ground and studies it for a while together with a random passer-by. She also reaches two-star fame

0498 Fourstar

In the case of Karl, Eva’s father, the question is if we talk famous or infamous, but anyhow he’s a fourstar celebrity. Today he’s jogging in his formal wear.

0499 Scenic

Magnificent view!

0500 MAria Claes

Maria is a bit concerned that her greatgrandfather is dead as it seems

0501 Cyborgs

By nightfall she has decided she wants to become a cyborg cross-breeder

0502 Masterpiece

Karl still paints a lot and has a wish to paint 5 master pieces. This is apparently one... He’s got an opportunity to deliver a painting to his brother Lars, and decides that this is the one.

0503 Delivery
0504 Success

Despite being an artist himself, Lars loves the painting Karl made, and pays him handsomely

0505 Bottle

At home, Maria is a very good big sister and feeds her little brother Mikael a bottle.
But wait, aren’t there some sims missing in this story?

0506 Gillian

Well, here’s one – Gillian, who is left to herself most of the time since she completed her LTW. She accepts all party invitations she gets and tonight she met some hot random guy. It seems to be the same guy Eva met when watching the falcon.

0507 Birthday

She’s also the one arranging all parties at home

0508 Mikael

Today it’s Mikael’s turn

0509 Vehicle enthusiast

He becomes a vehicle enthusiast, what good that will ever do him.

0510 Three gen

We see three different generations of Motvalls males in this picture, but one, the third is missing- Loner Anders, Mikael’s father, keeps off the camera

0511 Eva three stars

The night after the party, Eva gets some more fame from her work in Music and is now a threestar celebrity

0511 Rock

She also gets promoted to the point where she has to choose her path. Since Rock star is her LTW, that is of course where she goes

0512 Fishing

Mikael rolled one wish to go to the cemetary and another to learn fishing, so we combined the two, and he was happy!

0513 Agda dead

That night, Gillian gets the sad news that her mother Agda Gerdsparr passed away.

0513 Henrik soon dead

And Karl gets the notice that Henrik Keaton is getting very old.

0514 Towa Claes

Meanwhile, Towa gets to know Karl’s ghost father Claes better…

0515 Anders

Karl becomes a Master of Athletics Sunday – and look! The first glance this week of Anders, the current heir! In this picture it’s pretty clear that the skintone of the Motvalls family is getting lighter with each generation

0516 Towa

Then it’s time for the still perfectly fit Towa to have her adult birthday.

0517 Henrik dies

No Motvalls birthday without someone dying! Henrik Keaton in this case. Towa’s vampire father in the white shirt loves the party

0518 Gillian worries

Gillian seems to worry about the party score.

0519 Star news anchor

There’s no need to worry, though, Gillian’s parties is always great. And the dramatic events seem to have triggered an LTW to become a Star News Anchor in Mikael.

Next time - will we ever see that anticipated scandal that the author has promised us since forever?!
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