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ISBI Modig Generation 6 - Pernilla part 1

Generation 1 - Yvonne
Generation 2 - Johan
Generation 3 - Malin
Generation 4 - Eva
Generation 5.1 - Anna-Lena

Generation 5.2 - Anna-Lena
Generation 5.3 - Anna-Lena

0462 Passing

We start this update with the same picture as ended the last. The ISBI torch is passed from Anna-Lena to Pernilla


0463 Aspiration points

Pernilla's aspiration panel is sadly empty. Her LTW is to become a Rockgod, which is totally acheivable.

0464 Wish

Pernilla’s first wishes includes wishing from the genie and from the wishing well. From the genie she wishes for beauty, since money is no issue in this house and peace of mind seems like cheating. We also see in this picture that her family consists of mother Anna-Lena and grandmother Eva, both permaplat, and the cat Röde, who’s pretty old by now

0465 Costas

Like we have suspected, she’s got the hots for Costas Ingman who her mother has tried to seduce on several occasions.

0466 Costas

By chance, or her mother’s invitation, he’s in the house as we speak!

0467 Scolar

Pernilla has received the expected, normal scolarships for this family – creativity and dance

0468 Uni

Her mother drops her off at Uni, and she will live a couple of carefree years without responsibility for anyone but herself, before taking up the ISBI torch for real.

0469 Costas

The first thing that happens is that Costas welcomes her with her first kiss

0470 Chess

Then she settles for a chess game with a dorm mate who we cannot recall the name of. At least he’s three bolts hot, like every other guy in the dorm, including her own biological father. Eww

0471 Invisible

While playing, the other dorm mates seem to dissolve into thin air.

0472 Surrounded

All the time, Pernilla is surrounded by admirers

0473 Date

Costas asks her for a date

0474 Makeout
0475 Date

And another one

0476 Love

And they eventually fall in love

0477 Michael

By the end of her first semester, Pernilla reaches out for the next guy – the chess guy from a few pictures a go. His name is apparently Michael Dahl

0478 MAkeout

His current girlfriend doesn’t approve

0479 Art

By then, Pernilla has decided that she wants to major in Art and very much not in Economy.

0480 Michael date

Then it’s time for a date with Michael again and we find that he’s a Family man. Uh-oh...

0481 Love

However, we have love

0482 Dormmate

Pernilla is a Romancer though, and has a wish to make out with three sims. This three-bolter dorm mate happens to be fit for the purpose

0483 Makeout
0484 Bed

She even takes him to her bed, which she never did with Michael.

0485 No

Sadly, he finds out and doesn’t approve at all!

0486 Apologize

By the end of the semester, Pernilla still wants to become best friends with Michael again, and he’s still having none of her apologies

0487 Flirt

She’s trying to flirt with him but he’s not having it. In the meantime, the next three-bolter stands in line

0488 Apologize

”Please forgive me!” Pernilla is really persistent in her apologies and she have more wishes revolving around Michael

0489 No

“No, I say! How can I ever trust you again?!”

0490 Amanda
0491 amanda

So she gives up for a while, and asks her aunt Amanda to come over and they spend some time together

0492 Hug

When more than half the first semester of her sophomore year has gone by, Pernilla is allowed to hug Michael once again, but they are still not friends again.

0493 Llama

By then, Pernilla has rolled a want to fall in love with the llama mascot

0494 Study
0495 IG
0496 1h

Then she realizes that she risks not passing the semester and puts in a big study effort just before the finals. She’s still in the red zone when she rushes off to the finals

0497 G

She just about makes it with the lowest score possible

0498 Games

Still she hasn’t succeeded to win Michael’s trust again, and she settles with playing video games with him

0499 Håkan

And she takes the three-bolt dormmate back to her bed. And now we even learn that his name is Håkan

0500 Study

They even spend some time together with their clothes on

0501 Paper

Pernilla even tries to submit her term paper in time, not to risk to fail the semester again

0502 Pregnant

When sophomore year draws to an end, we realize that Pernilla is repeating her mother’s mistake and is pregnant

0503 Park
0504 PArk

So she starts spending time away from the dorms

0505 Library
0506 Gym
0506 Pool

The community lots are good for both work and play

0507 Michael

But sleep she needs to do at home. After half the first semester of her Junior year, she finally succeeds in getting back together with Michael and immediately wishes to fall in love with him

0508 Håkan mad

And when she does, her baby father Håkan is there to see it. He doesn't approve

0509 Babytime

At last, the birth cannot be postponed any longer. The father couldn’t care less.

0510 Babygirl

And another uni baby girl is born. At least we have broken the line of black hair in the Modig family

0511 Nanny

Nannies can apparently be of some use in uni, cleaning the mens’ room

0512 18 months left
0513 Rain
0514 Exhausted

To keep the baby from growing, Pernilla stays on community lots as much as possible. She still has three semesters left, which is about ten days, and it’s way too long to keep a child in uni. She always stays until she gets exhausted

0515 Date

Good dates are good for gaining energy without having to go home and sleep, and Pernilla found a new interest in Cecil Ny

0516 Edgy

He’s a bit edgy though, like Costas was with her mother

0517 Smooth
0518 Makeout

In the end he is convinced of Pernilla’s charms

0519 Costas

At least until Costas throws himself at her

0520 BF

It goes alright in the end, with a dreamdate and becoming best friends with Cecil

0521 Hottub

And she celebrates with Costas (!) in the hottub

0522 Kent
0523 2friends

Dating worked fine, so she’s testing it again

0524 Hanna

By the end of Junior year, the girl, who is named Hanna, is still a baby. The dating strategy works.

0525 uf
0526 vc
0527 CI
0528 md

At least sometimes

0529 VG

She still finds some time for studies and ends her Junior final SCL and on the Dean’s list. Way to go!

0530 Senior
0531 date
0532 rc
0533 mi
0534 hb

Senior year swirls by in a dating fury with some consequences

0535 Hanna toddler

Hanna grows up to toddler in the middle of Pernilla’s last semester, which would be realistic IRL, too. She finds she’s got an interest in Science

0536 Study

The last time in Uni, Pernilla spends studying and keeps calm in the man hunting

0537 PArty
0538 Exam

And there four years of struggling is over. Hanna has been sent home to Jinja already. We’ll see if she will ever know her father.

Next time - Pernilla is back in Jinja
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