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ISBI Modig Generation 5 - Anna-Lena part 3

Generation 1 - Yvonne
Generation 2 - Johan
Generation 3 - Malin
Generation 4 - Eva
Generation 5.1 - Anna-Lena

Generation 5.2 - Anna-Lena

It has been more than a RL year again and the pictures has been sitting on my computer, but now I decided to let them be known to the world. Hope you'll enjoy the erratic adventures of my ISBI sims in this chapter when we will finally wrap up generation 5.

Let's go

0443 Kent

Kent, Anna-Lena's toyboy is back, and he really likes Pernilla. We’ll see where this ends up for the next generation.

0444 Cat

Look! The cat got old!
And look! Someone cares about him!

0445 Roland dies

In the evening, during one of Anna-Lena’s parties, the Grim Reaper suddenly makes an appearance. Time is up for Roland – the worst ISBI sim ever. No wonder he goes early. His wife Eva is at least 10-12 years older than him, but is still going strong.

0446 Amanda scolar0448 Anders scolar

There is going to be even fewer inhabitants on the lot after tonight – Amanda and Anders are leaving for uni and an ISBI free life! They have both earned the Tsang footwork grant (of course, this is the dancing Modig family!) and the visual art scolarship. In addition, Amanda earned the athletic scolarship for her excellent physique.

0447 Pernilla max crea

That night, Pernilla is left alone by the ghosts long enough to max her creativity skill. Way to go generation 6!

0449 Anna-Lena 3 members

The last series of events result in that Anna-Lena now has only two other sims to take care of besides herself – her elderly mother and her adolescent daughter. Life is good!

0450 Anders Amanda college

And Anders and Amanda arrive safely to college. Anders grows up badly, but Amanda managed alright, despite being an ISBI Fortune sim.

0451 Tree

Back home we take a look at the family tree. Anna-Lena is the current heir to this house, and her mother Eva is still alive. Anna-Lena has had a hard time keeping up with everyone, since her mother is a Family sim. She’s got four sisters and one brother that she’s been taking care of, apart from Pernilla, her daughter, who she had in college

0452 Urge

Anna-Lena still has itches and invites Costas Ingman, one of her college friends, to help her scratch it, but he’s not easy

0453 Easy

It works better after a couple of hours

0454 Not

Or not

0455 Kiss hand

Another hour and she’s allowed to kiss his hand. What is he – a Victorian times maiden?!

0456 PErnilla hot

Or he’s more interested in the next generation…

0457 Costas

However, Anna-Lena doesn’t give up – she wants to fall in love with him, so she contiunes to kiss him up the arm and whatever he’ll allow

0458 Ghost

Just for variety, we give you a picture of Anna-Lena being scared by her grandfather Cristopher. The ghosts are a force to be calculated with in this house – they are adding up

0459 Ghost

Next is Yvonne

0460 Tree

She is Anna-Lena’s great-great-grandmother and they never met when Yvonne was alive. She was our ISBI founder and might have the power to end it at some point.

0461 Niklas

When not haunted by family ghosts, Anna-Lena tries to make friends and lovers. Niklas is Pernilla’s biological father, but he’s not easy to get close to.

0462 Passing

And FINALLY, FINALLY it’s time for Anna-Lena to pass the ISBI torch to her daughter Pernilla, born in Uni, raised as an ISBI Romancer

Next - the reign of Pernilla
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