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3.2 Motvalls - A Sims 3 Legacy/Completion Challenge

Last time, Anders grew up to a Genius young adult and started his Medical career. He courted his high school friend Towa and they were swiftly married. Then we found that her LTW is to become a Gold Digger... Anyhow, she also has a green thumb and started a garden and a job in Science. Then she became pregnant and had a baby girl they named Maria. Gillian suffered a lot of losses in chess against VJ Alvi, but eventually beat him and came closer to reaching her LTW to become a Chess Master. Eva grew up to a young adult Snob and started a career in  Music. Towa became pregnant again. Karl painted and painted but has yet to reach his LTW, just like his wife.

0445 Eva portrait

This week starts with Karl finishing a portrait of his daughter Eva. 1 p towards the Legacy Challenge!

0446 Ghost

Said daughter gets an opportunity revive a loved one – and she takes it

0447 Maria birthday

But first, it’s Maria’s birthday

0448 MAria

She looks a lot like her mother, at least colourwise. We’ll see when she gets older.

0449 Henrik friend

And finally Karl has fulfilled his opportunity to become friends with Henrik  Keaton. He has worked on that one for all his adult life it seems.

0450 Walks

In the meantime, Towa teaches Maria to walk, and you can see that Pets has been installed on this machine. The dog is a stray though. You can also see in this picture that Claes’s tomb stone is missing...

0451 LTW

That night, Gillian beats Katarina Langö, the former maid, in a ranked chess game and thus reached her LTW – so from now on all her achievements count towards the completion challenge

0452 Acheived

Of course she’s got the achievement of chess master, since that was her LTW. 2 points for the same achievement, that’s not bad!

0453 LArs

Now she’s got the time to get some other things done, like getting friends with her brother-in-law Lars Motvalls, who still walks around town in a towel from time to time.

0454 Babytime

At the same time, Towa is out looking for rare seeds when the labour starts and the baby is on it’s way.

0455 Mikael
0456 Traits

She has been on a strict apple diet, so it’s a boy who gets the name Mikael. Our future master of the house is Clumsy and Easily Impressed. That might be fun!

0457 Mikael

When Towa exits the hospital with little Mikael,

0458 Science

Eva enters the Science facility

0459 Claes

And out comes Claes, as a playable ghost! 1p towards the Completion Challenge

0460 100000

And for the sake of the legacy challenge, we record that Gillian has earned 100.000 aspiration points in her life

0461 Ghosts

The house is now swarming with ghosts, but Maria doesn’t care if it’s a ghost feeding her, if they just would!

0462 Tomato

Towa gets some garden opportunities sometimes, and gives Sondra Forssman a tomato

0463 Grandmother

And while his mother is gone, his grandmother takes care of Mikael

0464 Not friends

The plan is to get Claes and Towa to become really good friends, but it doesn’t work very well...

0465 Burgers

Gillian has got a cooking opportunity that involves her friends opportunity

0466 Lars

So she cooks up some burgers and delivers them to her brother-in-law Lars.

0467 Garden

Then she helps out Towa in the garden

0468 Birthday

It’s time for Karl to become an elder! It’s about time, since he’s already a grand-father of two.

0469 Swimtrunks

And he gets a pair of really flowery swimtrunks

0470 Lars

Gillian takes the chance to talk with Lars a bit at the party – he’s an elder too now of course, since Karl and Lars are twins. Lars never had any children of his own, like their sister Anna, so there will not be any unplayable Motvalls running around the hood

0471 Theodor

Eva tries to get herself into the story and makes a move on Theodor, her childhood sweetheart

0472 4 stars

During the party, Karl gets to become a 4-star celebrity

0473 Mikael birthday

The new day brings yet another party - for Mikael.

0474 Blond

He’s completely blond! Where did that come from?

0475 Towa tree

Maybe it’s from Towa’s mother – we will probably never know

0476 Teaching

Our current heir teaches his daughter to talk

0477 Super agent

Karl starts his elder years by reaching the top of the Agent career. Gillian already reached the top of the CSI career, so now we have accomplished both. (Maybe that was the real reason to take a photo of her holding the baby a bit earlier?)

0478 Doctor

Anders gets promoted to Intern and he really start his real doctor career!

0479 Gillian birthday

And another party... For grandmother Gillian

0480 Gillian elder

Gillian is a cute elder but with a terrible dress, looking like a night gown. It has to be changed.

0481 Death

But first -  another birthday death... Seriously, it happens at nearly every party in this house!

0482 Book

Claes, our playable ghost, spends time with his great-granddaughter and reads her a book

0483 Karl LTW

And finally Karl reaches his LTW of becoming an Illustrious Author. It has really taken a lifetime!

0484 Talking

Anders spends time with his son, teaching him to talk

0485 Walking

And walk

0486 Chat

In the meantime three generations of Motvalls females have a chat, while the portrait of Towa is emerging

0487 Guitar

Karl has taken up the guitar interest now when he’s got more time on his hands

0488 Athletics

But his real hobby is Athletics – he’s got the bodybuilder and fitness fanatic achievements already, and has started working on his marathon skills. And there we abruptly end this week's update.

Next time, we don't really know - maybe Eva will have some love. We will most certainly have more birthdays and maybe even a scandal, if we manage to stage it!
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