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3.1 Motvalls - A Sims 3 Legacy/Completion Challenge

Last time, Claes was mourned by his grandchildren. Gillian tried and tried and finally succeeded in beating Jeanne Frejryd in a ranked Chess game. Karl painted, became an Agent and loved his suit. Anders started to think about a future wife and met Towa Ragnbom. Eva played the guitar around town and at home. And another random guy died on the lot.

0399 Writing

This week starts with a very early Monday morning, when both Karl and Gillian are up. Karl is soon finished with his latest project


0400 Growup

Anders is a Loner and decides to celebrate his birthday alone at the movies. When he comes out from there it’s time to grow up in a very dark corner. The photographer cries

0401 Pauline

Only Pauline Wan celebrates with him, since she happens to pass by.

0402 Genius

His new adult trait is Genius, and with that he seems to be a rather nice guy, but a bit of unsocial

0403 Flip out

Then all of a sudden, everybody around the theatre freaks out over this girl and the SimGodess gets very curious what she’s doing

0404 Normal

When we find her she seems to have a completely normal conversation with some guy, with her clothes on and everything. The mystery remains.

0405 Hospital
0406 Job

The next morning Anders goes to the hospital to start his Medical career as an organ donor

0407 Towa

When he has signed up for the job and gets outside, Towa happens to be there. It’s a sign! They both feel uncomfortable in the crowds outside the hospital

0408 Going home

So they get into her car and goes to his place

0409 Flirt

There, the courting begins

0410 Steady
0411 Ring
0412 Engagement
0413 Hugs
0414 Marry
0415 Golddigger

And we realize that we will have some troubles with Towa’s LTW…

0416 Seeds

While we figure out a strategy for how we will have a chance to acheive that dreadful Golddigger LTW, Towa will have to put her green thumb to good use

0417 Lost

Gillian still has troubles to beat VJ Alvi in chess, and she’s pondering how to get there.

0418 Science

Towa wants to work in Science, and why not – she goes to the facility to apply for a job, while thinking about all the wonderful greens she just planted.

0419 Pregnant

She has another duty in this story and it’s to deliver a male heir. At least it seems that we have a chance now, when she starts to feel the morning sickness

0420 Talking

Gillian is happy to become a grandmother and talks a lot about the upcoming event with her son.

0421 Talk

Anders himself is also keen to talk about the coming baby. In this picture we also see the butler, who disappeared later on, don’t remember his name

0422 Bump

Towa works herself to a sweat in the garden when it’s suddenly visible that she’s pregnant

0423 Logic

Anders has an opportunity to convince Alton Minved, Eva’s friend’s brother, of the upside of logic. It involves Anders to have to go outside to the park, and he hates every minute of it.

0424 Lost

Back home, Gillian loses AGAIN against VJ Alvi. He seems to be as bad an opponent as Jeanne Frejryd was in her time.

0425 Maria

On Friday, Anders and Towa become parents to a little girl they name Maria, so from now on Towa can be counted for Legacy points, but not yet for Completion points. We DO have an idea of how we will try to acheive her LTW, but it means she’ll have to deliver a male heir first...

0426 Maria

Little Maria is a Cranky Slob, which probably means she will be a terrible child.

0427 Eva birthday

Saturday it’s Eva’s birthday. Her grandmother Agda, on the stairs, seems to have become grey finally

0428 Eva snob

And we choose the Snob trait for her, to keep her in family tradition

0429 Adult

She grows up into the most unbecoming hair ever

0430 New hair

She immediately changes into a better haircut, but refuses to show us her beautiful aqua coloured eyes that she inherited from her mother.

0431 MAdison dies

Madison: ”Cool party, I need to go!”
Seriously, there have been someone dying on every birthday party this house ever had, especially on Eva’s parties. Good thing she’s not a coward.

0432 Eva Music

Eva wants to become a Rockstar, and starts her career as a Fan

0433 Logic

Gillian has studied up on Logic and reaches level 10 – VJ Alvi, watch out!

0434 Victory

Victory! VJ looks a bit taken with the news :D

0435 Pregnant

Towa soon finds herself pregnant again and will really work to get it to be a boy this time, so we can start working on her LTW

0436 Claes

”Hi, Claes!”


”This woman is really not good enough for my company!” says the snobby ghost Claes

0438 stars

But he changes his mind after a while and thinks Towa is really a nice girl

0439 Eva Theodor

In the meantime, Eva has invited over her childhood friend Theodor to see if there are any adult sparks between them, and it seems there are.

0440 Accounting

and Anders, the Genius helps the office out with some accounting

0441 Brilliant

Karl’s portait of Anders is considered brilliant, but the SimGodess thinks it looks twisted, like when you watch it through a glass of water.

0442 Portrait

Nevertheless, it’s a portrait and gives us a point towards the Legacy challenge

0443 Acheivement

It is also an acheivement for the completion – he becomes a Proficient Painter, but since he didn’t reach his LTW yet it cannot be counted yet.

0444 Proficient

Next time, we'll surely have a couple of LTW's, a male heir - and maybe the beginning of a scandal...
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