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2.5 Motvalls - A Sims 3 Legacy/Completion Challenge

Last time, Anders grew up to teen with the trait of Snob. Little sister Eva grew up too and became an Inappropriate teen. The Completion challenge was introduced into this Legacy and all sims were required to have hobbies. Claes chose fishing, Anders the piano and Eva the guitar. Gillian struggled with her Chess Master LTW and met a very hard opponent in Jeanne Frejryd, who she didn't defeat yet. And our founder died.

0355 Rockstar

We start this week with Eva, deciding on becoming a rockstar to honour her grandfather Claes’s memory.

0356 Ghosts

Anders experiences the presence of ghosts firsthanded, but writes it off to him being too tired.

0357 Jeanne

Gillian meets Jeanne Frejryd, her next ranked opponent for the third time at the chessboard in the park outside her office.

0358 Game

It’s a hard game and it takes hours

0359 Kurtis

Jeanne’s husband Kurtis even brought a picnic

0360 Loses

And again Gillian loses against Jeanne. This is tough resistance!

0361 Reading

Gillian decides it’s time to turn to the theory of the game again and start reading "Logic 3.141592…" yet again. And suddenly she feels a pang of grief for Claes yet again.

0362 Tips

In the meantime Eva plays guitar outside the office building for anyone who wants to hear. It’s not so many at this time of night

0363 Genius

At home, Karl works on his painting skill and is overwhelmed by artistic genius. His brush sparkles and the painting is an instant masterpiece! Wonder if his insanity has something to do with this, never saw it before

0364 Jeanne

 New day, new challenges. Gillian takes on Jeanne Frejryd once again

0365 Game

It’s another tough game

0366 Lost

And another lost cause…

0367 Relation status

At home, Anders has started to realize that he’s the heir of this legacy, and as such he’s expected to get married and have children. He met Towa Ragnbom in class and invited her over and now he finds out that she’s single.

0368 Zodiac

He also finds out what zodiac sign she is, but the simGodess cannot remember. And it really doesn’t matter, since we cannot remember Anders’s sign either.

0369 Still life

Karl works hard on his painting skill and can now paint still lives. This picture might seem random, but it isn’t.

0370 Painting

Here’s the motif

0371 Study

And the painting is placed right above the desk where Anders does his studying

0372 Book store

Anders gets the opportunity to get himself a part time job, and he starts out as a cash register in the bookstore

0373 Towa Eva

Eva gets the opportunity to follow Towa Ragnbom home after school

0374 Agent

Karl gets promoted and chooses the path of agent, since Gillian is in CSI already

0375 Seminar

He starts his new line of work with a seminar at City Hall

0376 Broken TV

At home, Gillian is slacking off from her chess career and indulges in her couch potato trait, but suddenly the TV breaks. She takes it as a sign...

0377 Wins

Yet again she invites Jeanne Frejryd for a game of chess, and finally, finally she wins!

0378 Suit

Karl is very pleased with his choice of career – he’s allowed to wear a really nice suit!

0379 Guitar

Eva continues to work on her guitar skill, sometimes alone, and sometimes, like now, with someone else. Today it’s aunt Anna, who still seems to work as a paper girl

0380 Wins

Gillian’s next ranked opponent is Albert Dennstrand, who she already beat before. Guess he upranked himself while Gillian had a hundred games against Jeanne.

0381 Painting

Karl paints different styles different times. This one will get sold, it doesn’t fit in the house.

0382 Loner

Anders and his aunt Anna both have the Loner trait and enjoy each others company

0383 Fish

Eva has an assignment from school to catch a fish and turnit over to science. The fish she catches is very very small, but it’s a fish. Mission accomplished!

0384 Jeanne dead

Gillian hears that Jeanne Frejryd died. She will always remember her – as the hardest chess player ever to beat.

0385 Portrait

Finally Karl is a good enough painter to start painting Gillian’s portrait.

0386 Mother

Then it’s time for a party again. Gillian’s mother Agda is there. That woman seems never to get old – they look like they’re the same age – even though Agda has been a widow for quite a while already.

0387 Questioning

As has become his custom, Karl spends the party questioning the guests.

0388 Frejryd

Saturday, Gillian realizes that the Frejryd family must be a family of chess masters. Her next ranked opponent is from the Frejryd family too!

0389 Wins

This one is not as hard to beat as her sister (?) though. Gillian wins pretty easily.

0390 PArty

Saturday night there’s another party and Gillian and Karl feel a little naughty…

0391 Naked

Their host doesn’t appreciate their swimming naked in his pool and asks them, more or less politly to leave the premises.

0392 Wins

Sunday is chessday again. Gillian wins over Ethan Bunch

0393 Towa loner

Anders invites Towa over. He realizes hat she grew up to a young adult, but most importantly, he finds out that she’s a Loner, just like him. A rare smile spreads over his face when he realizes that this is a match that can work

0394 Portrait ready

Anders and Towa spend the night talking while Karl finishes the portrait of his wife.

0395 Misspelled

The SimGodess just realizes that the name of the painting is misspelled. Mrs Motvalls is called GilliAn!

0396 Lost

Then Gillian finds out that the next ranked chess player is giving her too much resistance for the moment. She will most probably have to read up on her theory again.

0397 Ethan Bunch dies
0398 Dead

Gillian: ”Isn’t it amazing?! We can’t have one single week without some random guy dying in our house, can we?!”

Next time we'll see Anders and Eva grow up and start their adult lives. And we might have an LTW or two accomplished
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