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2.4 Motvalls - A Sims 3 Legacy

Chapter 2.3
Last time, Tamara was fired from her high level political job and started in the Criminal path. She reached her LTW of Swimming in Cash and died at the age of 104. Claes developed a fishing hobby. Karl quit his athletics job and started a new one in Law Enforcement, and wrote a book. Gillian played ranked chess games against Claes, her father-in-law, and Agda, her mother. Anders grew up to child, befriended Patrick Bunch and decided he wants to become a World Renowned Surgeon. Eva grew up to child.

0301 Anders birthday

The new round starts with Anders birhday. His grandmother Agda is excited


0302 Snob

With the teen stage comes the possibility to choose the family trait of Snob, to add to the ones he’s already got – Family-oriented Loner who Hates Nature

0303 Cake

He looks very self-concious when he grabs a piece of cake in his new white outfit, which should be red since that is his favourite colour

0304 KArl birthday

It’s Karl’s birthday too. He meets it with a straight face. Or not.

Eva: “My dad is acting up again. He’s crazy you know!” Yeah, I know, he’s clinically insane.

0305 Stalking

Then he goes stalking Henrik Keaton again, dressed in his best snakeskin jacket.

He brought a book. He’s prepared to stay for a long time...

0306 CHess

Henrik Keaton never showed up at home until it was too late to visit, so Karl goes home and gets challenged to a ranked game of chess by his wife Gillian. Gillian tells him about the latest paparazzi stories.

0307 Gillian wins

And she wins the game pretty easily

0307 Retire

Cleas, our founder of 105 years or something, decides it’s time to retire. The SimGodess also decided that this legacy will become a combination with the Completion Challenge, so if he’s retired, he might still have time to check off something on the completion list. He didn’t do much besides work in his workoholic life, very much like RL workoholics actually, so he accomplished very little “completion” up til now.

0308 Confetti

Wooo! Confetti! The lying SimGodess (Claes is only 98 years old) never had a sim retire before and has never seen the confetti before. The new heir Anders looks a lot like his grandfather, just a bit lighter. In colour, not in composition.

0309 Commercial

One last time Claes goes to the office, for an opportunity to shoot a commercial. It seems fitting to use the guy that worked 70+ years for the company in their new commercial. Credit to Dombum Corporation!

0310 Teodor

Eva brought home a cute blond boy froom school. His name is Theodor Minvind and the SimGodess starts to forge plans for the future...

0311 Homework

For now, we settle for homework. As you see the whole Motvalls family is getting famous – even little Eva is a one-star celebrity.

0312 Piano

In the new light of completion, every sim needs a hobby to acheive completions in. Anders is a loner who hates the outdoors and he will work as a doctor in the future to become a world-renowned surgeon. He will probably be stressed out from time to time.

So – with that in mind, we choose the piano, it’s probaly good for his surgeon fingers and can be performed alone a lot of times.

0313 Fishing

The only hobbylike activity that Claes ever showed an interest for is fishing. He’s got no accomplishment, but might have a chance to get that. So he starts spending his days fishing, for example behind the Science Lab. Might be some interesting fish in their cooling water...

0314 Research

Meanwhile, Anders has an assignment from school to write a paper about the science facility. He also got himself a new red shirt and is very happy. He’s a Snob after all and loves new clothes.

0315 CSI

Karl and Gillian both work in the Law Enforcement career. When Gillian gets promoted she chooses the CSI branch, which will mean Karl will choose the Agent branch when it’s his turn. All for the sake of Completion, none of them have a career related LTW.

0316 Good

Eva is a Good, Brave and Ambitious girl and it will be fun to see where she ends up in the future J


Gillian has developed a routine to invite over a ranked chessplayer almost every night. Tonight it’s a quick and easy match

0318 Birthday

Just in time for her birthday. Karl is excited!

0319 Excitable

Hahaha! Excitable sims are just hilarious – just look at his expression! :D:D:D

0320 Gillian

Gillian is excitable too, but not tonight. Maybe she doesn’t like to become middle aged.

0321 Claes

And during all these events, Claes has been fishing behind the Science facility with the hopes of catching 10 black goldfish. At nine he cannot keep his eyes open any longer.

0321 Tamara

So he goes home to sleep beside his ghost wife Tamara. Wonder if she had any accomplishments towards the Completion Challenge? We will probably never know...

0322 Homework

If high school homework is this hard, how will you manage medical school, Anders?

0323 10 black

After a night’s rest beside his beloved, Claes catches his 10th black goldfish just outside his own home.

0324 Eva birthday

Friday night it’s time for our interesting girl to grow up to teen, with the beautiful mountains behind her.

0325 Inappropriate

Since the SimGodess is absent-minded, the family trait of Snob is forgotten and Eva was rolled for her fourth trait. And ends up with – Inappropriate! That’s wonderful, what a character she is, our Eva!

0326 Grandpa dies

Then her maternal grandfather Aric Gerdsparr, Gillian’s father, is indecent enough to die during her birthday party. She had a death during her last birthday party, too!

0327 Grief

The party becomes bit awkward

0328 Cry

Gillian seeks solace on her mother’s shoulder

0329 Eva

Life goes on. The brave and inappropriate Eva chooses a new style for herself. She’s a girl that wants to be seen and doesn’t care what people think. 

0330 Collecting

Then it’s time to try out a hobby. Maybe collecting could be Eva’s trade

0331 Seeds

Or gardening?

0332 School

It’s a slow weekend. Claes gets an opportunity to hand over a cheque to the local school and earns som celebrity points. 

0333 Spa

The workoholic Claes is not happy to go around fishing all day, he wants a job, so it’s agreed that he can try a parttime job and maybe get a point for that. He applies as a receptionist at the spa 

0334 Dies

No more does he accept his new job, than he turns up dead outside the spa It’s Saturday of week 12, and Claes Motvalls, our founder, dies at an age of 101.

He leaves behind his daughter Anna with boyfriiend Jeremey, son Lars, son Karl with wife Gillian and grandchildren Anders and Eva.

During the course of his life he accomplished the following towards the challenges:

For the Legacy:

nbsp;                    Generation point              1

nbsp;                    Unique LTW                     1 (CEO)

nbsp;                    Portrait                             1

nbsp;                    Money per 100.000          1

nbsp;                    Aspiration per 100.000     1

Tamara:                      Unique LTW        1 (Swimming in cash)

nbsp;                    Portrait:                            1

nbsp;                    Aspiration per 100.000     1

Lars and Anna                      Portraits     2

For the Completion Challenge:

nbsp;                    Traits                                     5 (Hopeless Romantic, Neurotic, Snob, Technophobe, Workaholic)

nbsp;                    TOC                                      1 (Business)

nbsp;                    LTW                                      1 (Business CEO)

nbsp;                    Miscellaneous 2 (birthday party, wedding party)

Tamara:                      Traits                        5 (Charismatic, Daredevil, Flirty, Hot Headed, Mooch)

nbsp;                    TOC                                      1 (Politics)

nbsp;                    LTW                                      1 (Swimming in cash)

nbsp;                    Miscellaneous                        ? 

0335 Two stones

Claes's urn is brought home to the garden and is placed beside Tamara's. Now they can rest in peace together.

0336 Grief

Karl is very upset by his father's death and thinks of little else. He manages to finish his latest book, though.

0337 5 ranked

Gillian concentrates on her chess games and wins her fifth in a row.

0338 Funeral

Karl arranges a funeral for Claes, but the game says it’s for Aric. Well, he died here just yesterday so maybe that’s why. 

0339 Anna

Anders feels comfortable together with his aunt Anna, who is a Loner just like himself. He wishes to be friends with her and seeks her out at the funeral 

0340 Tamara

Even Tamara attends the funeral and Karl earns some celebrity points for the event 

0341 Gillian

Gillian takes the opportunity to get to know her mother-in-law better. It seems they never met while Tamara was alive, since the game claims they “now know each other enough to spend time together” 

0342 New book

Probably inspired by his father’s death, Karl starts a new book with the title ”The Dog Barks No More” 

0343 Loses

Gillian tries to continue her progress in the chess department, but loses a game against Jeanne Frejryd. Jeanne looks very pleased, and Gillian astonished 

0344 Anders

Anders continues his pursuits at the piano 

0345 Paints

And when Karl doesn’t write, he relaxes with painting 

0346 Loses

Gillian challenges Jeanne again and loses again! 

0347 GArden

Eva tries her hand at gardening on the seeds she picked up the other day. 

0348 Guitar

Then she tries her hand at the guitar. And here we find her thing! She starts at level 3 since she played a lot with the xylophone as a toddler

0349 PAparazzi

She plays all night, and even the paparazzi sense that this is something that will be big! 

0350 PArty

Sunday night, Karl and Gillian are invited to a celebrity party by Sam Sekemoto. 

0351 Henrik

As it happes, Sam and Henrik Keaton, Karl’s friend opportunity since forever, lives in the same house. Karl spends all night with Henrik to try to become friends with him finally 

0352 Jeremey

Gillian spreads her grace to all party attendees. Her brother-in-law Jeremey is here, but Anna Motvalls, his girlfriend, probably stayed at home to enjoy the solitude of an empty house. 

0353 Lars

Her ”real” brother-in-law Lars Motvalls, Karl’s twin, is here too, and he is a friend’s opportunity for Gillian.  

0354 Questioning

Before they leave the party, Karl even questions Henrik Keaton to get to know him better, but they are still not friends at party end. Better luck next week, Karl!

Next time, we'll see Gillian struggle towards her Chess Master LTW and Karl for his Illustrious Author. Eva will decide on her LTW. And we might see a glimpse of a future spouse...

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