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2.3 Motvalls - A Sims 3 Legacy

Chapter 2.2

Last time, Claes started to perform badly at work, reason unknown. We had way too many athletic opportunities and Claes got thin. He also spent time playing guitar in the park. Gillian had opportunities to become friends with new people. Anders grew up to toddler. Eva, who is Good and Brave, was born and grew up to toddler. Karl started writing a crime novel and fixed electronics for random people. Tamara was seen doing dirty business for the crime organisations.

0226 TV

Karl listens to the news and hears that a high local politician is charged to have stolen money from the campign funds. He starts to suspect it might be his mother Tamara.

Anders and Eva don’t understand what is said, luckily.

0227 Tamra fired

His suspicion shows to be true. Tamara gets fired from her Politics job and automatically gets offered a criminal job as a bait.

0228 Maraget

She uses her frustration to offend Margaret, an innocent acquaintance

0229 LTW

Nevertheless, later that day, when Tamara listens to her oldest daughter Anna’s street concert, she reaches her LTW of being worth 100.000§ and at the same time reaches the Legacy goal of having at least 100.000 aspiration points. 2p!

0230 Talking

Then she spends some time talking to Claes and her granddaughter Eva, who watches her suspiciously

0231 Chess

Gillian doesn’t have much time to work on her LTW of becoming a chess Master, but today she challenged Claes to a ranked game. We found that the next ranked player was actually part of the same family!

0232 qUITS

Karl is stressed out by the situation of having to take care of the kids and writing a book and feels he doesn’t have the energy to continue working, too. He calls his boss and quits

0233 Lars

Claes meets his other son Lars, now a two-star celebrity, outside in only a towel. Awkward silence occurs

0234 Conversation

But since noone in this family is very normal, the conversation soon floats as usual

0235 Fishing

Claes has an opportunity to deliver some great fish to the supermarket and starts to fish with great energy all through the night

0236 Goldfish

All the way to dawn. Then he catches a goldfish that’s the biggest he ever saw

0237 Anders birthday

Back home it’s Anders’s birthday. He seems a bit cross-eyed over the attention -  he’s a loner if you remember

0238 Cake


0239 Book

Karl finishes his book that he names "Death came with a shovel"

0240 Job

And he finds the energy to apply for a new job, in Law Enforcement this time, maybe to fight criminals like his mother

0241 Anders child

Anders has inherited the build of his mother and grandfather, and the yellow eyes of the Motvalls. That's great! Hope they'll continue for many generations more

0242 Gillian food

Anders' parents work on their opportunities. Gillian shares some cooking tips with a person whose name I forgot.

0243 Delivery

Karl delivers his book to his customer who turns out to be Agnes Rynkbak.

0244 Gossip

They get along greatly and stay to gossip for a while

0245 Gillian naked

And we get the pop-up that Gillian is swimming naked with some person! There is really some fodder for gossip!

0246 Playing

Anders and Eva play together at the activity table. It's not as good as the Sims 2 activity table, but the pictures are still cute and we need to remember that we have heirs.

0247 No cheese schnitzel

Gillian wants to eat Cheese Schnitzels but cannot cook them herself and it's not possible to ask someone (like the butler) to do it either, so she happily eats Dim Sum instead.

0248 Anna

Tamara meets her daugther at a party. They rarely visit each other, but meet around town pretty often.

0249 Evil butler

The butler is proving herself useless more often than not. She just stares at Eva when the child is crying, preventing her brother to sleep.

0250 Attraction

With an update of the game, there was a new feature – there seems to be some attraction going on. Gillian invited the next ranked chess player and they apparently have some attraction for each other, but it doesn’t show in the relationship panel as in Sims 2

0251 Logic

In the meantime, Karl had an opportunity to convince this guy of the ups of logic. It’s a strange opportunity, but Karl goes through with it and seems to succeed.

0252 File

Claes has an opportunity, too, to deliver a file to the military base

0253 SAtisfied

Claes gets a raise and is satisfied with a job well done.

0254 Book

Tamara’s opportunity is to read a book of how to get rid of the reputation of being a crook. Could be useful...

0255 Patrick

Anders goes home with Patrick Bunch after school, to fulfill HIS opportunity of becoming friends with him

0256 Play alone

While at the Bunch house he mostly plays alone though. He is a Loner after all

0257 MAlcolm

Claes immediately continues to his next opportunity, to become friends with Malcolm Markövertag

0258 100000p

Karl is back home and is tired, dirty and hungry. Nevertheless he passed the limit of 100.000 aspiration points and we earn another 1p towards the callenge!

0259 100 days

With the update of the game, we also realize that our sims have become younger. Tamara is 100 days old 

0260 90 days

while Claes is 90. Maybe there is not such a great surprise that their work performance is going down

0261 KArl meets Hank

Karl has a new opportunity to meet 3 new sims and another that he should become friends with Hank Goodard. Since he never met Hank, he hangs around his house until he comes home and then starts to chat him up.

0262Gillian meets Hank

Gillian has the same opportunity regarding Hank – to become friends with him. Since they both work with the Police it’s strange they’ve never met before. Maybe he's in a different department

0263 Attraction

Apparently there is an attraction between the two.

0264 Butterflies

Tamara is getting really old, and does some strange things sometimes. This very early morning she set out to catch butterflies before the sun was even up.

The collector locator is a handy tool for enterprises like that.

0265 Filling out

At home, Claes starts to fill out to his original shape, since he stopped accepting the silly athletics challenges. He looks good, especially according to his own opinion. He wears the family trait of Snob with pride

0266 Eva

And here’s a close-up of Eva, Claes youngest grandchild. Her eyes are very light, as the standard Motvalls, but they are turqois and not yellow. The eyes I believe come from Gillian. She has very dark eyebrows. Those might be inherited from Tamara

0267 Advice

Karl still has that strange wish to ask the butler for advice. After the game update we thought maybe it will work, but it still doesn’t, so the wish is cancelled.

0268 Hank friend

After a night's overtime, Gillian becomes friends with Hank Goodard, which was her opportunity.

0269 Familyoriented

Anders is family-oriented and he often wishes to be friends with or getting attention from his parents and/or grandparents

0270 Chessmaster

Gillian’s LTW is to become a chessmaster. Today she remembered that again and invited the next ranked player. It turned out to be Agda Gerdsparr, her own mother! Agda really looks great for being a grandmother of two.

Gillian had to corner her to get her to play a game

0271 Tough

At tough struggle takes its beginning

0272 Lost

Gillian loses the first game 

0273 Lost

And the next. Then Agda leaves.

0274 Fish

Claes has strange wishes too sometimes. Today he wants to go fishing before 6am. And why not – he’s old enough to decide for himself

0275 KArl celeb

And KArl gains fame by doing nothing, except behaving excentrical

0276 Death

And we have another death by Motvalls party. Christopher Steel decides the Motvalls lot is a good place to die.

0277 Grief

And his girlfriend Emma misses him dearly.
Nevertheless, it's Eva's birthday!

0278 Terrified

She looks mostly terrified by the cake

0279 Ambitious

She grows up to be ambitious besides good and brave. Whatever could lie in the future for such a girl?! Her hair seems very much to be inherited from Tamara, the bright Donner red.

0280 Surgeon

Now when his sister is a child too, Anders feels it’s time to decide what to do with his life, and decides already that he wants to become a world-renowned surgeon. And why not, we haven’t had that one yet.

0281 Party pooper

Tamara has been at a party, but it seems she was a real party pooper. The hostess says she’s glad Tamara finally left.

0282 Tamara dies

Tomorrow she might regret her harsh words, because now Tamara is done with this life. She’s about 104 days old (adjusted at last game update) and she had a fulfilled life

0283 Devastated

Her family is devastated, but the butler has a straight face

0284 Grim

The grim reaper seems to take the news with ease too, he gets a neutral memory J

0285 Same

Claes has a little follower. Anders makes the exact same gestures as Claes in mourning

0286 Eva mom

Eva seeks out her mother's company

0287 Gillian mom

Gillian invites her mother for a game of chess again

0288 Wins

And this time she wins

0289 Celeb

While the family all tries to recover, Claes becomes a B celebrity

0290 Friend

And finally he reaches his goal of becoming friends with Malcolm Markövertag. It has taken at least one sim week

0291 Bike

To deal with his grief, Anders takes a biking tour to the graveyard

0292 Greif

His sister Eva comes with him. She looks so much like her aunt Anna, so I misname her every other time.

0293 Keaton

The readers might recall that Claes had a financial hook up on Justine Keaton in an earlier round. Now the Keaton family is back in the limelight, since Karl has got the opportunity to become friends with Henrik Keaton, Justine’s son

0294 Meet

He stays for a while, but the he needs to get home to get something to eat, Henrik didn’t offer him anything.

0295 Scandal

At home we have a domestic scandal emerging. Agda, Gillian’s mother, seems to have the hots for Claes, the widower, Karl’s father.

0296 Gilian

Gillian: "OMG! What will Dad say?!"

0297 Dad

Yes, Gillian's father aric is alive and well, and they are still married

0298 Scoop

The paparazzi has a scoop!

0299 Wins

Gillian wins another ranked game of chess

0300 Last picture of the week

And by the end of the week, our founder with his well filled lifebar is back to fishing. He is still heartbroken over his wife’s death, but he has started to feel a new attraction to his son’s mother-in-law. And on top of that, he catches a new kind of fish!

Next time - we don't know, it hasn't been played.

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