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Jinja Asylum - Anastacia, week 2

8 Monday


It has been an amazing week, despite all. I managed to become best friends with Robin Dimander, and with Barbara Lennestål, too.
Today I even got an unexpected “heritage” from one of the players that had a local lead poisoning before he could claim his winnings. 2000 § directly in my pocket! Go me!

Pink the Ghost makes an appearance. Mike and Robin has been poking each others chests all the time I used to clean and fix the shower, which was broken again.
I guess ghosts are coming out when the climate in the house is bad. Maybe I need to ask Robin to leave, and then try to calm Mike down.
9 Tuesday

Day off. Tried to get the boys to eat something, cereal should do the trick. Note that we’ve got windows now! It was that heritage that made it possible. Now it’s a bit more bearable to stay indoors. That’s good now when the weather’s cold.

Mike is a lot better today. He cooked lunch for everybody and even sat down at the chess table on his own initiative. 

Phillips on the other hand seems to be worse each day. Today he ate a bowl of spoilt cereal, so he’s got food poisoning AND the flu. Me and Mike have the flu too, but it’s not too bad.
At least Phillips is sleeping in the bed tonight instead of on the floor.

I was so happy that Mike is getting better, so I had to hug him hard! Maybe we could get out of here together...

Phillips slept all night in the bed. Good for him, worse for us. I fell aslepp standing up, and Mike started to worry over me. I hope he will not plunge back into dispair because of this.
10 Wednesday

Still sick. Phillips is eating today, so he seems a bit better again. Also off work today. Need to fix the toilet. Again.

Veronique the Ghost is visiting. It makes me nervous. It looks like a really nice scene, with the boys feeding themselves, but the ghost makes me feel that something bad is going to happen. It’s a bad omen.

Well, it was me she was after. That’s OK, I’m strong. Just go back to sleep now.
11 Thursday

Well, to say that Phillips was getting better was apparently an overstatement. Break-down in the morning. I’m so sorry I cannot do anything for him. Mike is definitely getting better, building logic at the chess table again.
12 Friday

I got promoted to Con Artist! At last another step on my path to glory!
13 Saturday

Off work. I’m so tired! Cleaning would be needed but I cannot get myself to do it. I’m so tired, I think I’ll throw up soon.
I managed to get first into the bed last night, but I really needed to pee in the middle of the night. Then Mike took his chance, and is still there.
Poor Phillips fell asleep on the kitchen floor again. I’m really worried about him, he’s hardly eating at all, and definitely not tending to his personal hygiene. I’m afraid he will starve himself to death.

The rest of the day I was trying to sleep, it felt so good. But in the meantime, Phillips and Mike stood in front of the fridge, yelling that they were hungry. Phillips still cannot eat, well, at least he cannot keep anything down. Mike is just generally whiny again.
You would think a couple of Family guys like them would be able to fix themselves a meal, but oh, no.
Well, go ahead! Starve yourselves to death! I really need to sleep!

In a better mood at nighttime. I took Mike’s hand and told him how glad I am that he’s getting better, despite an occasional draw-back.
All of a sudden, I realized that I have grown to love him, stuck here in this dump together as we are. I always thought he was kind of hot, but too complicated with all his issues.
But – he’s getting better – and I love him, so we’ll manage.

14 Sunday

Early Sunday morning, Mike was out, rambling. He met Pink the Ghost and got scared

Really, really scared!
Oh, no! Mike! My love!

At least, this time I could appeal to the grim Reaper.
Please, don’t take him! Not him, too! (Pink in the background, looking all nasty)

Oh My Sim! I lost! Oh, Mike! I loved you! What will I do without you?!
Pink floating off, content with her success.

In the evening, the very same day, the ghosts became active again. Poor, poor Phillips couldn’t stand the pressure, and got scared to death, him too. 

Please Dear Reaper, he’s the last one, let me keep him! Not that I love him very much, but the challenge will be pretty lame if it’s only me left. Or – by all means – take me too, I’m rather fed up with this.

Oh no, no luck this time either... Well, now it’s only me then. It’s no use. I think I will clean up this place, get well, and then transit into half-limbo, becoming a townie. We’ll see.
The upside is that noone will set themselves on fire while I’m at work. No one will occupy the bed or clog the toilet but me. I’ll sleep on it, and decide after work tomorrow.
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